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From live video streaming to real-time interaction, BIGO allows you to live broadcast your life, connect with your friends, fans and favorite broadcasters as well as following them.
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BIGO LIVE, which is creating a completely new modernized world of connecting and sharing, has reached 150 million users around the world.

Don't wait – Join us, broadcast your life, gain fans and make new friends now.


▶ New! Join Multi-Guest Live Group Video Chat Now
The Multi-Guest room is much more fun way to interact with others. See what the groups are chatting and doing, then join them. Just imagine how crazy and funny it is!

Singing, dancing, eating, chatting... Just broadcast what you are doing with nothing more than a smartphone.

▶ Watch Live Streams
Explore the amazing world through thousands of live videos or search for broadcasts by location or topic.

▶ Gameplay Streaming
Watch your favorite games, showcase your gameplay, meet gamers like yourself and play games together.

▶ Vlogging Your Life
Turn your life and talent into creative vlog & discover all the vlogs you love.

▶ Real-Time Interaction
Chat with broadcasters, send them gifts or join the live.

▶ Guest Live
Invite your friends to co-host your show!

▶ Nearby People
Discover and make friends with people nearby.

▶ Exchange Gift to Cash
Exchange your beans to cash. Broadcast, earn money and rejoice!

More innovative & exciting features coming soon…
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Dear BIGO LIVE users, if you have any feedback and suggestions please kindly send them to [email protected].


Trash and Expensive

Many unfair things in the app .very disappointing.

Omnis vir Lupus

Bots everywhere. Same person, multiple fake accounts. Garbage

Bigo Live R.I.P

This app has gone dead..No one good on here no more


It’s pretty confusing for new comers but not too bad but if u have an iPhone u can’t get convert your beans into diamonds


Beware. This app does not allow anyone to delete the app. You’re also unable to change/edit whatever info you provided once you realize you cannot delete the app. Idk about you all, but that says a lot. This is app was not what I thought it was going to be- it’s like all the these other apps with half naked- if not fully naked women everywhere smh. Just another sex selling app!


Just don’t download this app it honestly isn’t worth it

To many bots and infor asking
lebe lou

Stop the bots or I will never play

Bad Review
Lila Ownby

It is illegal

Typical dating app

All the females what one thing and one thing only money like u can’t even talk or get 2 knw someone without money coming or exchanged I was just checking it out and everyone I talked 2 wanted money I’m not even giving this one star but cuz I have 2 give a star it’s getting one even tho it don’t deserve it

Omg ahhhh
Raquel do i like it of not?

I got banned by trying to drawl I did nothing I don’t cus at all or any of the stuff that you put on there and I got banned