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Download Big 4 Murika Sports Logo Quiz - The NFL MLB NBA NHL Edition

Big 4 Murika Sports Logo Quiz - The NFL MLB NBA NHL Edition

Sports Fans!... this is a trivia app that you can't miss! How dedicated a fan are you? How many teams do you think you can name from the "BIG 4" American Sports? NFL Football, MLB, Hockey, and of course the NBA! We have them all here. How many can you name? Get this app and challenge yourself now!
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Games Free nick hale iPhone, iPad, iPod

Features -
- Awesome Photo Guess Trivia Format
- Hints/Letter Reveals
- Clean Intuitive Design
- Easy Sit & Go Game Style
- Stimulating Gameplay
- Ask your friends via Facebook/Twitter/Instagram
- Over 50 challenging levels


This app is frustrating

Half of the time spent in this app is closing out ads. They continue to pop up over and over again, even after you have closed them out. I've had ads pop up in the middle of answering a question, which is ridiculous!

It won't let me get passed the 14 level
Steven boss

It also has way too many ads

Game review

This is a fun game. But to many ads and it gets really annoying because you can't play the game. :/

The person who made this game can't spell

Number 54 is the Baltimore Orioles they spell it orials

Too many pop ups...
Aly&Ry's Dad

Could be a fun game but you spend more time closing out pop ups than you do playing the game. I do not recommend this game.

Too many ads
Oriole and dodger fan277

An ad pops up in your face every time u play it

To many ads

Way to many ads every time you hit a button an ad pops up you spend more time closing them not worth it

Super stupid

If I could give it zero stars, I would. Too many ads popping up while in play and they just keep coming. I get it, you need to make some revenue, but how are you going to get it when people keep deleting this app because of this problem.

50/50 app

I like this app for only one reason... I know Every single sports team. The reason why I hate the app is because whoever made it doesn't know team names. I had a question that asked what the Tampa bay baseball team was. I thought "obviously it's the Rays", nope. The answer was the blue rays. That's not eve a baseball team for crying out loud. The guy who made this app shouldn't have even bothered.

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