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B.iCycle - GPS cycling computer for Road & Mountain Biking is paid iOS app published by Hendrik Schweppe

Not supported!!


This APP doesn't appear to be supported for the latest iOS version, or the iPhone 6s or 6S plus. The link to email support is not active nor is the email address valid. There is every parents that they are no longer supporting this app but are still selling it. Trying to select HELP, or MOUNTS, results in the App crashing. Too bad, it had potential.




Used to be good


Seems to no longer be supported and crashes whenever you try to share a track via email, Facebook, etc

pretty good


I've never tried any of the other cycling apps so I can't compare, but I like how simple this one is. I think it's probably why it never crashes. One problem: it says it shares data w the Apple Health app & I've never been able to make it work.



The heart rate function is worthless ...

Update please


This app had been a disappointing purchase. As others have pointed out many functions do not work or cause the app to crash. Furthermore, I have left my phone outside without it locking for 20 minutes and the app continues to say waiting for GPS. Going to have to find a different app, I guess.

Great App!

Michael 0075

This app does so much more than a cycling computer and so easily. All the data is at your fingertips. You can email the ride data to your computer for easy viewing. It shows your route on the map. The designers have thought of everythings. Comparied to the price and limitations of a bike computer, this app is an incredible bargain.

A once great app


As others have noted, this app has not been updated. I bought it a few years ago, pre-iPhone 6, and it was great. Now it won't connect to the GPS regardless of location, and crashes when you try to get help in the settings menu.

Great app!

Keith 99

Used to really like this app when I first got it but every year it gets worse. At first it posted a map of my route and all relevant stats from the ride. Last year it only posted the map. Now this year on my first ride it only posted an ad for itself. I'll be looking for a new app.

Was good once


As others have noted, this app no longer works with recent IOS releases. Totally useless now since it won't acquire GPS.

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