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B.iCycle - GPS cycling computer for Road & Mountain Biking is paid iOS app published by Hendrik Schweppe


Gary VanHoose

Nice to keep track of routes,dates,mileage,pretty accurate !

Best Biking App


This is my most often used bike application. It has more functionality than bike specific hardware and great tracking and route sharing capabilities. The only additional function I would like it to have is point to point route planning with directions ala google maps.

Just one thing

Jon Earache

Wish it would show the pitch of a ascent/descent. When you are dying on a climb its nice to know how steep your "rate of decline" is...

Great product


Now add a means to integrate heart rate, and graph features that will pin point HR, speed, elevation, and location .

Great app

Big boy cyclist.

This is by far the best app on my I-phone. It took 2 years to drop 100 lbs and this app motivated me. Being able to track miles as a whole but the trip miles is the best. Everyday pushing to go just one more mike further than the day before eventually led to a century ride. Great app.

Very happy with this app


Even though it's for biking, I've used it for walking, hiking, off-trail and even from my car to trace 2-tracks up north along fire trails!

Perfect App

Surfside Web

This is how you hope an app is going to work. Easy to understand, easy on battery life, and you can listen to music without interference. SWEET!

Great app, but...


Could you fix the Facebook integration???



Does exactly what it promises. Works everywhere I've gone - throughout southern Taiwan. Can't wait to try it back in the US and in Europe. Great investment for the serious (&, in my case, older) cyclist!

Shifting sands of the desert …


I've been using this app for about 3 years now. First it sucked all the juice out of the battery hitting the GPS in my 3GS. That was fixed. Then they kept playing with the sharing mechanism. Now I've upload it onto a new iPhone 5S and guess what more glitches! Now, it no longer allows me to "stop" the timer as it did on the 3GS so that I can share out the performance. Instead when I hit the "sure?" button it just returns to stop and sits idle in "Paused" mode with the current track! Plus? It still gets hung up after sharing a track. When you try to restart the timer the clock sits frozen UNTIL you reboot the phone. Then it starts up fine. This has always been the case as long as I've owned the app. Its glitchy sorry. PLUS there seems to be no good way to report a problem!!!

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