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Professional teleprompter for iPad allows you to create and smoothly scroll scripts during a speech. It becomes your best friend while
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Productivity $0.99 Serhii Simkovskyi iPhone, iPad, iPod

practicing and delivering public speeches.

Useful for business presenters, teachers, lecturers, students, video and podcast makers, musicians and any other person who needs to use
scripts, notes or cue cards while speaking in front of an audience.

Besides general "must have" features such as text size, colors, smooth scrolling, mirror mode and so on, Best Prompter also has an audio recorder
and fully functional RTF editor. The audio recorder allows recording speeches multiple times and listening to them.

• Allows recording multiple audio files for one script
• Use it during the training sessions to check your speech and hear it the way others do
• Listen to audio records to analyse and improve your speech
• Record speeches during a presentation to evaluate how good you were
• Share audio records via iTunes file sharing to your iMac or PC

• In-app script editing
• Smooth text scrolling
• Full screen mode
• Supported document formats RTF, RTFD, HTML, Plaint text in UTF-8
• Change scrolling speed, text size, mirror mode, all caps mode on the fly
• Scroll text with gestures and scroll bar
• Easy navigation via the table of contents
• Elapsed time of the speech
•Estimated time to the end of the script basing on the current scroll speed
• Copy-Paste text from Web, Email, Pages or any other app supporting text copy operations
• Custom text font type and size, text and background colors for each document
• Optional on-screen markers that help keeping your eyes in a certain part of the text
• Import and export text scripts via iTunes file sharing
• Send text scripts via email

Markers help focusing attention on the recent parts of the scrolled script.
Markers positions can be rearranged.
To start moving markers, tap and hold the marker line. When a big picture with up and down arrows appears, the markers can be moved.
To finish moving markers, tap the 'X' button or tap on any part of the screen except the marker lines.



Great Prompter, but....
La Princesse Nahnah

As a public speaker, this is the only promoter app I use all the time. I recently purchased a new iPad and the audio recorder did not transfer over (which I did purchase).I have been trying to get in contact with customer service and have not yet received any response......

Not satisfied - good app but...
Angie Brito

...had to purchase the option to record audio and it doesn't allow you to share on any social media. Would be great to have that option as the app only allows you to email the recording.

Not satisfied - good app but...
Angie Brito

...had to purchase the option to record audio and it doesn't allow you to share on any social media. Would be great to have that option as the app only allows you to email the recording.

Best ever
Hank Bahr

Simple to learn, simple to copy, simple to operate- I look and sound like a pro, thanks for being there for the little guy,

Text formatting makes this the one to buy
karamozov's brother

I’m gonna say that this is the one because it’s one of the very few TelePrompter apps that allows text formatting. And, to me, that’s critically important because I find that adding things like italics and boldface allows me to deliver scripts in the way they were meant to be delivered. Saves me a LOT of retakes! Love this app!!

Poor Memory Operations
Chip Hope

I was thrilled with the product while I had the app open. When I closed the app and went back to it, the file was gone, and it was not saved. Nowhere on the instructions does it show how to save the document. I should be able to cut and paste from my notebook to the prompter and have it save the document, instead of having to cut and paste every time I go into the document.

Good Idea

But useless without saving and recording. The description says it has recording, but once you get inside it says you have to upgrade to record.

Just what I needed
Lighten up!!!!!

Not sure what these other reviewers are talking about. It has auto saved everything I've put into it just like notes does. It froze once so, 4 stars instead of five. I had to completely close the app but when I restarted everything I'd put in was still there. I am using the free version that clearly said recording came with the paid version - love being able to try things out first. I'm using it on a VO gig today, hoping it doesn't crash. If it performs less than perfectly I'll let you know...

good program

good program

Good but...

Like it but it lost files and lost my upgrade to the paid version. Contacted developer and will advise of their response. There is a bug in the save feature. It takes the title from the first line of the text. If the line is very long jus put a short title as the first line. Also hit the + before exiting and it seems to save.