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Bescherelle, Conjugaison, it’s the easy way to find the complete conjugation of a French verb using a truly efficient search engine!
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Reference $3.99 Editions HATIER iPhone, iPad, iPod

The user can quickly access 10,037 conjugation tables, and choose to view them with the traditional spelling or the rectified spelling.

• Intelligent searching
Thanks to the application’s data entry options, you can find a particular verb:
– by typing only the first few letters of the verb;
– when typing the word with a typo or spelling error;
– by entering a conjugated form of the verb.

• Analysis of conjugated forms
An analysis engine works in conjuction with the search engine to precisely find and display the description of any conjugated form. For example, when typing “will have eaten”, the form is analysed as the verb “to eat” in the past future tense (3rd person singular).

• 10,037 verbs
Bescherelle, Conjugaison includes the 10,037 verbs in contemporary French and includes for each one:
– an ID card,
– the complete conjugation of the verb in all the moods and all the tenses.
The conjugation table for both simple and compound tenses enables you to change from the active to the passive voice and vice versa.

• A conjugation tool that includes the new, rectified spelling
You can view the conjugation tables with the traditional spelling on with the rectified French spelling, according to the recommendations published in the Journal Officiel dated December 6, 1990.

• A powerful application
Immediate access
Autorotation for all views
Smooth and responsive navigation
No internet connection required to use the application

• A multi-lingual application
The application Bescherelle, Conjugaison is available in English, Spanish and German, with the user interface adapted for each corresponding language.


good, but...
Oceane Park

I've used this app since its first release and seen several updates. What makes me a bit sad is : tests of conjugaison are all gone! Actually, this app contained not only the conjugaison part, but also the conjugaison tests part. The tests were really useful with step-by-step levels! All gone all of sudden. Where are those?

:( Not working. Crashed from day 1.
Take SMS

wasted my money. just bought this app on the app store a couple of hours and it was very expensive. I do not mind paying that much, but only if IT WOULD WORK. It crashes every time I try to use it. My ipod is a iPod touch version 3.1.4 and it said the app should work for iPod touches of ver. 3 or over. Please fix this problem. Thank you.


I am a native speaker living in the US. This is highly recommended for all levels.

Excellent app!

I am learning French and I personally find French verb conjugation to be the most difficult aspect of the language. I came across this book in a Paris bookstore and found that the publisher is highly regarded; however, I didn't want to carry a huge, heavy book around with me. I was excited to find this available on the App Store. I was a little apprehensive to purchase the app since there is no trial version (and it had no reviews for me to make an informed decision), but I decided to take the risk anyways. I'm impressed. It's intuitive, comprehensive, and incredibly useful. Well worth the price! I just wanted to leave a review for anyone who is on the fence about purchasing the app. (Note: I have an iPhone 6 and this app is optimized for this device.)

Excellent & incredibly useful

This is an excellent and incredibly useful app for the French learner. Not only does it provide all conjugations, thee search function is particularly useful. If come across a verb form you do not recognize it is unlikely to be in a dictionary but you will find it using this app and then be able to figure out what it means.


Buy it now! Worth every penny! Easy to use!

I had to repurchase!

I bought this app a quite a few years ago. They developed this new one and stopped updating their previous one - which doesn’t work with OS11. I’m very annoyed to have to buy it again. It seems like they should give a discount or something to people who had purchased before. I haven’t used this one yet.

Not fully compatible iPhone X

Can’t type in verb unless in landscape mode.

App no longer works - no updates available.
Bobby the Plumber

The app has not been updated for the new operating system on iPhones, and their answer is to sell an updated version of the app. Boycott the new app until the existing app is updated.

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