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Hello stranger! Bermuda is an application that connects you to new friends around the world with a single swipe.
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Social Networking Free THEBERMUDA Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Here you can meet new people, talk about life, culture, and maybe make new friends from the other side of the earth. Learn foreign languages, practice to talk to them and learn various skills together with your new friends. You will meet one of our many users face to face in real-time via your mobile camera. Search for new friends all over the world with our new revolutionary application.

Key Features:
- after connecting with one user, simply swipe left and the next person awaits.
- you can send presents to your friends.
- ban user in case of complaints of other participants.
- high quality video.
- various camera filters.

Terms of using "Bermuda":
- new people is selected by region & gender.
- users generate their own content and are responsible for it.
- sexual content are not allowed and users generating it will be immediately banned!
- users who do not show faces when viewed by other users may be blurred.

Enjoy your conversations without leaving home!


No funciona bien.

Cuando se paga por esta app no deja saltar a la siguiente persona y le va restando sus monedas. Solo en algunas oportunidades lo deja hacer. Se pierde dinero ya que salta entre personas que uno no desea ver.



Upset with the service

To be honest I’m very unhappy with the service, I don’t understand how you guys have the excluding countries and still show them up when I’m searching for some other countries but them, it is really bad, makes me waist my money, I put preferred countries and you guys don’t even allow me to meet people from the countries I prefer, but specially the excluding countries is really bad, you guys need to work on it please, thank you

Would be great but ?

It would be great if this app was for teens only and not for pedofiles

Very nice app

I like it so much

Pas de fille



Deberían mejorar esta aplicación creo que en todo y también los filtros o los efectos ya que son horribles

Private chat

I want people to have private chat to all people


Svp . Vous doivent amilioré vos servis ,pour nous permetent trouver becoup des femme


It should be free to talk to females too!