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Bendy Road

Roll fast along the Bendy Road! A new path every time you play!
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Games Free Ketchapp iPhone, iPad, iPod

◉ Avoid all the obstacles and crazy contraptions.
◉ Find Speed Burst Powerups and break through everything in your way!
◉ Play to collect points and gems to unlock new characters with special powers!
◉ Complete missions for fun and gems and return everyday to get cool daily rewards!
◉ Get it now free and challenge your friends!

How far can you go on the Bendy Road?


Stupid ads

Why do you allow pop ups while you are playing the game how about pausing the game automatically before annoying pop up

Ads can ruin a game. So you can get a

Get ready to watch more Ad's than you actually get to play this game. I mean, understandably there's bound to be a few here and there, but having to watch a 30 sec. ad after every failed attempt is ubsurd!!! I really wanted to rate this game higher considering I like this game a lot. Hope the dev's can change this in the future, and I can rate this game higher.


There are so many adds and it makes it really hard to play especially when your playing with no wifi so it makes it really annoying

This app is cool but …
banana queen 🍌

Ok so I think that there should be different levels were like you would have the same obstacles and what not but at the end were it shows you how much the rode bent it would have a shape or like a plane or a cat face or something like that


Bendy road is very addicting and time consuming I would totally recommend this app if you have a lot of time on your hands

Fun for like 2 seconds

It gets boring really quickly and the game glitches out a lot and doesn’t flow

Terrrible app here’s why...

I played this app and there is so much to critique but the big part I need to talk about is when u tap the screen to jump in the game it’s like u are literally jumping a centimeter ahead you are not moving enough ahead in 1 jump and it bothers me bc every other app has a longer jump so this is a big issue to me

Great game.
Susan samis


💥💥 Star Rater

This game is really fun to play but there should be like new obstacles to jump over and like tunnels the ball goes in instead of just a straight track. I also do recommend adding a random ball button so you don't have to keep going looking for a ball every time :)

Great game
Johnny 4.7

The best game in the world