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Bendy Road

Roll fast along the Bendy Road! A new path every time you play!
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Games Free Ketchapp iPhone, iPad, iPod

◉ Avoid all the obstacles and crazy contraptions.
◉ Find Speed Burst Powerups and break through everything in your way!
◉ Play to collect points and gems to unlock new characters with special powers!
◉ Complete missions for fun and gems and return everyday to get cool daily rewards!
◉ Get it now free and challenge your friends!

How far can you go on the Bendy Road?


Don’t pay for balls

I just spent $1.99 on a ball that says it’s suppose to give you 3x points and it doesn’t so I just wasted my money not happy

Bendy road

It is a very good app and I like to play it! I love your app

Nice game, don’t spend money on balls!

Great game paid for a X3 ball that does nothing what a waist!


The game is addictive and fun to play but sadly gets really boring after a short period of time. That’s when you begin to notice that ketchapp did not spend a lot of time or effort in creating this game. Over all a playable/decent game to waste time.


night mode is only while playing

Worst game
george hennob

Such a triggering game i broke my phone cause this game is aids im pressing and the ball jumps is so delayed


Great game. Except that there is a lot of ads in the game. Which makes game play REALLY laggy. I was playing the game and the screen suddenly stopped. Then an ad showed up.

Dear reader,

This brand gets away with creating really cheaply made games. They come out with a new game like every week and I know you need to make money but maybe start putting better qualities into your game. This game is ok see all of the games they make are ok or bad not one good one. I hope this helped you.

The game is fun, but

The game is fun, and I never really do mind adds. Just that when they come up WHILE I’m playing the game. No.

The add made it look better than it is
(social security number)

I got suckered into buying this game from the Click bait ad that was on another game I have. The controls are very hard to get used to. And the different balls do absolutely nothing. I think it might have been enjoyable if the balls gave you different power ups, and things like that.