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Bee Brain PRO - An addictive Puzzle!

Looking for a challenging, fun and extremely clever game app? Get ready to meet your new addiction!
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Games $0.99 Galia Aviram iPhone, iPad, iPod

The goal may sound simple, but the game is not! To pass each ever challenging level you will need to 'pop' all of the bumble bees with a limited amount of taps. But in order for them all to become bees they will have to go through bug changes that happen after it gets taped by you or another bug'sreaction. Sounds easy? Prove it!

Some of the main features include:

-Amazing professional graphics of the highest quality with bright and engaging colors.

-Clever and well thought challenges that increase as you move advance.

-Hint option: don't get stuck in a level, with this option you will be able to give your brain a well deserved rest after all the strategies thought!

-Simple objective but clever challenges so everyone can play and have fun.

-Cool effects every time you pop the bugs; just like the plastic wrap that everyone enjoys popping, you will get addicted to these sounds too!

So what are you waiting for? Let the popping begin!


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