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BBC History Magazine is free iOS app published by Immediate Media Company Limited

Loving history


Love this magazine.. If you love history.. this magazine is for you App has quit working Cannot get to the magazine Fix this please PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM!!! AM FED UP PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!!!!


Suze from Texas

This magazine is great but many times the articles that are supposed to have audio, they don’t work. Would love more audible since I have vision issues.



The articles are great being about little known facts about well known people and stories about not so well known people. The app itself can be a problem as it does not always download easily

Beautiful Magazine

Edna Millay

If you already love history, this magazine is a fun way to take a break from your 500 page tome and read short, beautifully illustrated articles on a variety of topics. If you're just getting into history, it's a good way to sample a variety of topics. That said, the mag is almost completely Anglo-centric and caters to already well-developed English audiences enamored of the Tudors, the middle-ages, World War II, Vikings and Celts, and these basic areas get covered over and over again, albeit from many angles. Nonetheless, I really enjoy it. Another mag, World Histories, may be more palatable to those wanting a less England- focused dose of history.

Don’t buy this it’s a trap


I accepted their offer of a trial and then failed to cancel in time and was charged $67. I attempted to use the app and registered to use the library but can never get in. It’s a constant barrage intended to get you to purchase more subscriptions. I have not been able to access and read anything. I’m going to complain to Apple about this app.

Loving history


Love this magazine.. If you love history.. this magazine is for you App has quit working Cannot get to the magazine Fix this please

This app is an amazing way to learn history... Even for an American.


I don't live in the UK but I have always been fascinated by European history. I got this app so I can learn in an interesting way and get off social media for a little bit. I would definitely recommend this app to a friend that likes history.

Great read, but (iPad-wise) no screen rotation?


Come on guys… With such an excellent, quick history read, through your well written format, I expect a bit more. The magazine itself is lovely, well written, and maintains up-to-date facts. But where is the screen rotation!?! Sometimes my hands tire, and I would like to flip my iPad to landscape mode. Could you work on that; for the arthritic, easily tired bunch of your reading public? If you manage this, I will upgrade this to five stars!

Portrait mode please


This app needs portrait mode

Wonderful, and beautifully made!!


I subscribed to this magazine through the Apple News app, then downloaded the actual BBC History app from the store. I absolutely love this magazine and the app!! It is proof that digital magazines can be just as gorgeous as the actual physical ones. I'm so glad to have subscribed to this magazine. I have not had any crashes, the app has worked perfectly for me. I recommend this magazine app 100% to any history buff!!