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Battleship - Puzzle game like illust logic -

Battleship is a logic puzzle based on the Battleship guessing game.
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Games Free Yuki Fujimoto iPhone, iPad, iPod

It is played in a grid of squares that hides ships of different sizes. Numbers alongside the grid indicate how many squares in a row or column are occupied by part of a ship.

In Battleship, an armada of battleships is hidden in a square grid of 10×10 small squares. The armada includes one battleship four squares long, two cruisers three squares long, three destroyers two squares long, and four submarines one square in size. Each ship occupies a number of contiguous squares on the grid, arranged horizontally or vertically. The boats are placed so that no boat touches any other boat, not even diagonally.

The goal of the puzzle is to discover where the ships are located. A grid may start with clues in the form of squares that have already been solved, showing a submarine, an end piece of a ship, a middle piece of a ship, or water. Each row and column also has a number beside it, indicating the number of squares occupied by ship parts in that row or column, respectively.

This app has original engine which create a puzzle automatically.
The player can enjoy this game for a very long or seemingly endless time.


This is not the same as Battleship Solitaire/Yubotu

This app is confusing and not easy to figure out. If you're looking for Yubotu, the rules for this are not the same. Deleting.