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BattlePaint - A retro arcade splatterfest!

BattlePaint! Destroy rogue paintballs. Stay alive.
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Games Free Fun at Work, LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

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"Opens up like a fine wine"
- AppAdvisor

"Loved the game because of how deceptively simple it is. It's the best of touch combined with old-school arcade games"

From awarding winning game designer and programmer Cosmo Fumo comes BattlePaint, an unbelievably simple, devilishly tricky, visual masterpiece.

"The visuals are yet stunning. Even if you lose, you've created a graphical masterpiece with the dead paintballs surrounding you."

★★★★★ "I don't often leave reviews anymore... but your game has shaken me awake from the spell cast upon me by countless lesser games." - CumulusStrife

"I'm pretty sure this is how tie-dye shirts are created." - FourFootOne

"THIS GAME REMINDS ME OF CRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - CykoClam

"'s so fun you'll get sick of playing it, I guarantee." - Ryanson

"...its mindless fun is a huge relief, and loads of fun." - Ryanson

"excelent game" - CUNDAC


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