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Barcode scanner - QR Bar Code reader & generator

Scan all types of barcodes 1D (UPC, EAN, etc) to compare prices & 2D (QR, Bidi) codes to perform actions - open URLs, share via email, Facebook, Twitter...
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Productivity Free Ha Hung iPhone, iPad, iPod


Awesome app
-Tom Brandy-

The scanner does exactly its purpose and immediately after scanning it shows u a list of places that u can buy a product and all the prices an item costs!!

Great app
Senpai king

This is the best barcode scanning app I've found. Additionally, it's free, ad-free, and open source. If you need a good barcode scanner, this is where you should start. Note: almost all of the bad reviews are because of permissions; the app description/FAQ explains why they're required, and the app is open source if you really want to verify it!

Good scanner app

Good basic feature QR Scanner. it scans so quick that we don't have to get a good quality image, sometimes not even get the chance to get the camera straight. A bit weird.