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Scan a barcode and open the product's page on Amazon - save money, read reviews, get it delivered!
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Shopping Free Sonke Gissel iPhone, iPad, iPod

Purchase products for less through Amazon. Compare reviews and opinions. Get your items delivered directly to your door. Why settle for less when you can have the best?

Use your mobile phone or tablet to scan barcodes. All your searches are saved in your history. Share searches via WhatsApp, Facebook, Pinterest or Message. Or just use the barcode scanner for price comparision.

In a near future release:
- You can even manually find products using the App's inbuilt search bar.

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Doesnt open
She-Ra POP

Doesnt open at all on iphone 11.4

Horrible! 0 stars!

The barcode scanner when used in a regular store does not compute accurately to the Amazon store. It only gives it the barcode numbers which then pulls up no results. 0 stars if I could!

Not good. Loose time

I can not use this program on ipad air 2, because always throw me into the settings, and say: "set your preferred amazon website." without giving any explanation ...

Helps me save and compare prices

I like the app! For electronics and home and garden the app has always one hundred percent match rate. I use it for in-store items to find reviews on Amazon to compare. There are deals, discounts and savings to make with this app.


The app doesn’t open after the latest iOS update from Apple. Please fix.