Barcelona Metro - TMB Map Reviews

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Barcelona Metro - TMB Map is free iOS app published by Mapway Limited



The app works great. As long as you know how to navigate a little bit, you’ll have an easy time using this app. It’s simple and very helpful. Helped me from getting lost countless times

No pages ni un centimo por ella


Malisima la app, no la recomiendo

Perfect app for travelers and even locals alike


Very easy to use, search function is amazing, saves time otherwise spent on perusing the dizzying maps trying to find your desired destination.

Great app


Very easy app to use. Made use of it daily during our stay in BCN and loved the fact that it's all offline. It would help especially for tourists if in the Find route option, they also provided the direction the train was heading to know which platform to walk through.

Very useful


Just what I needed and extremely useful. I did not give it 5 stars only because I was in Calella and it doesn't include all the stations for the R1 line, otherwise this app is great.

Great App

Meee :)

Very helpful in navigating the excellent metro in Barca. We were unfamiliar tourists who navigated like experts.

Great app


Very usefull

Nice app


Was very helpful getting around using this app. Wish I found it on my first day here. Better late than never. Definitely worth the download! I liked the fact that I could find the closest station to me then route me to my destination including train changes. I'm off to Vienna next. Unfortunately no app for there. Thanks



Fine for Metro, but doesn't cover FGC (commuter train) service so frustrating if you want to travel anywhere outside center city...

Very helpful


Used it to plan ahead and it made the moves through the metro smooth. Very helpful for a tourist.

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