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Banana Kong is free iOS app published by FDG Mobile Games GbR


i live.




It’s a great game I’ve been playing it for the longest time

Favorite game


My son loves this game and now I know why it's greatπŸ‘

The best


This is the best game. I’ve had it since I was like 5 or 6. (Not ticking that I’m a pre teen) It is a fun game me and my mom love it so please buy Bannana Kong today,( thanks for making this game)😁

Super Fun

adidas worker

I played when I was in first grade and kindergarten I stopped playing it after last week I downloaded the game again and I am addicted I am not as good as I used to but still fun great graphics awesome and hard.

Love this game


I love this game I’ve played this since I was little and it is still my favorite games


carlos jr zuniga lizo

It’s a fun game I like it alot

Funny ape noises, gnarly tune.


Good game. It can get addicting. The background music, cool animal characters, and race are appealing.

Banna Kong


It is the best game ever!

Great Game

Paulie ny

Been playing last week or so . Great game. Some jumps or parachutes can be tweeked . But otherwise love playing .

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