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Phone Dancing is a step by step dance teacher that helps you memorize every step or ballroom dancing routine. The interactive game makes learning fun and helps you practice and remember each routine by measuring how well you move, in unison with the ballroom dancing steps.
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Entertainment Free Gary Molton iPhone, iPad, iPod

The steps are displayed clearly on your phone, just as if they were drawn out on the floor in front of you. Zoom out to see the whole dance routine or simply follow the position of the next dance step shown in front of you.
Training modes include:
1. Repeating single steps.
2. Sequencing through each step of the dance.
3. Watching the complete dance routine together.
Game modes include:
1. Moving the phone angle to the correct foot angle.
2. Moving the phone angle and direction as per the dances step shown.
3. Moving the phone angle and direction but without any visual guides to help.
Display features include:
1. Select from a range of dance styles and dance routines.
2. Display lead and/or follower feet, with our without footprints.
3. Step through each foot position or play the complete dance sequence as one animation.
4. Scale the display size to see larger routines.
5. Change the animation speed to suit your skill level.
Dances include:
Waltz, Cha Cha are free. Jive, Line dancing, Rumba, Quickstep, Slow Foxtrot and Tango via in-app purchase. More dances and steps can be added via the update facility.


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