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Balloon Popping Pop - Fun Air Balloon Popper Game

Balloon Popping Pop brings the joy of popping balloons right to your IOS device! Balloon pop is a simple, fun and addictive balloon bursting game for kids and adults alike. With three different difficulties it offers a challenge for people of all ages.
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The first level is for little kids and toddlers where there are endless numbers of balloons and the kids can burst as many balloons as they want. The balloons are of a wide variety of colors and the little ones can pop as many as they want and listen to the realistic bursting sounds!

The other difficulties are a lot more challenging and are for the more experienced balloon poppers! In these difficulties the player has limited number of lives and the rate at which the balloons appear increases as the game goes on. It’s a mad frenzy of balloon popping fun! Are you up for the challenge?

The game is easy to play and guarantees a fun challenge for kids and adults of all ages. Pop as many balloons as you can and get a high score and put your friends and family to the test! Let the popping begin!

Try all the three levels of endless Balloon Popping Kids, Kids + and Super Kids.

Try the Balloon Poppit today on your iPhone/iPad today.



This app has a pop up add that stops the game every 5 seconds. #deleted

Superb IDEA
Nadia T. Harris

When I search in store I found this app in top grossing section.Then download it & play for while really it's awesome app.Liked it

My daughter's favorite!

This game is my daughter's favorite game, sometimes I will play with her too! Nice graphic & joyful challenges! Thumb up!

Please Add some more features
Nick Thorman22

I think dev should add some essential features then it would be more funny & realistic.

Very funny game

My kids like this game so much. It is really a funny game. Sounds graphic are great!!!

Love this awesome app

Lovely app. Great and awesome graphics and cool interface and great UI made this app more interesting and attractive. Great app developer!

Popping Game!

Great popping game & I enjoyed it pretty much hope you also liked it.

Great Game!!

Found really much fun of it when I play it first time.Today I play its about half an hours.

Two Thumbs Up!!
melo vor

I enjoyed this app a lot, it was fun. I like how its easy to read! You have my vote.

Love this game

Nowadays I'm addicted in this game coz really I found fun of it.