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Baldi Stickman Hero Crime City

Roll up to a new adventure of Baldi Stickman Hero Crime Story today! Don’t hesitate to commit crime now. Fight with drug lords, Survive from rival gangster and raise your rag as new cheat super villain. Master in auto theft cars and bike, drive luxurious cars to become real gangster of new york city theft. Load up your weapon, set out for epic free roam around auto crime city to shoot down your enemies and play like rogue street grand theft gangster. Dream big to take this fight against thug lord and expand your gang war rag in this liberty city.
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Fold up your sleeves, gear the full throttle of your vehicle and Go To Town to play Baldi Stickman Hero Crime Story Game. Set for thrilling and life threatening fight. Mount an attack on the ganglands and prove yourself as fearless & intolerable urban crime mafia lord. As it is the time to show off fighting skills as ultimate Godfather of crime city. Meet ruthless crooks & fight like real mafia hero against the epic gangster clash. Run into gangstar vegas auto theft city and show everyone who’s crime boss. Complete grand theft missions to rule over aggressive criminals and expand gang war of Viceland criminal pile.

Heat up the danger at auto car theft in town streets! Start building your auto crime empire, lookout for grand theft and gang wars and watch out cop car on the streets of San Andreas. Find several ways to earn cash and rise the ranks of the grand underworld empire magazine.

The greed of ruthless empire magazine has drawn Baldy to experience dirty jobs including gangstar vegas shoot as Baldi Stickman Hero Crime Story Hero. Shoot with sniper rifle, dive into grand auto car and have clash with urban crime lords in real grand city theft. Move around urban crime vice town, get set to town car drive. Have fun in underworld criminal fighting like real crazy mafia gangster.

Time to Prove yourself as real gangster hero in the City of Sin! Fight with mafia lord and Survive on vegas Streets of Sin City as Crime Hero. You have a biggest opportunity to Build your crime empire as amazing Real Stickman hero in criminal underworld. Get ready to kill bandit crooks and Put the Russian gangster on threshold in Baldi Stickman Hero Crime Story. Let show all aspects of the criminal life of amazing Crime Strange Stickman to carry out auto theft mission. Stealing auto cars through vice city and shooting down gangsters in this Vegas crime simulator which showcases the real criminal underworld of big city.

Games Features:

»Visually stunning graphics
»HD quality graphics
»Epic gangsters shooting
»Exciting Crime stories
»Crazy stickman main hero
»Amazing Crime Strange Stickman
»HD graphics, multiple camera view


ur game is horrable

So now you see other games your like yeah yeah ok good game good idea but this game you just be saying what the hell were they thinking

Bald Make me hardy

Oh yes baldi eat me. Cuz u cannibalizes

Good or bad?
games like k





Just delete this game.

STSLegend (YT)

This gaem is da wirst

gamer moment.

best game on App Store. A must buy for any gamer. I rate this game 8/8 m8. XDDDD. Uh-oh, stinky. p.s. half life 3 confirmed at furry-con 2019

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cody a joy

This is the best game ever. It helped cure my cancer, It helped my dog from dying, And it even got me a girlfriend. This game is very gud. Potato.

Big game tycoon simulator
the game master : )

Best game ever in the world, big yes baldi my son loved this game so much fdghhrts fhydyf cjf jydhjfnfhyfhfdynururs fun s eaemgn so good mmmmm. AHHHH DELICIOUS

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