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Balanced - Goals & habits motivation for better life balance

Struggling to make time for all the little things that matter? Join over 500,000 others who use Balanced to stay motivated & focused on what's really important in life. With Balanced you:
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● Feel rewarded and motivated - Celebrate your victories with the satisfaction of swiping 'Done'. Balanced gives you positive feedback, lets you know if you are on a streak, and keeps you aware of when you last did each activity.

● Stay in control - Choose how often you should do things; from once a day, to 5 times a week to 2 times a year. Balanced is fully flexible and works to your schedule. It even lets you skip activities if you are busy.

● Know what to do next - Your activities are prioritised so that what's most important is always at the top of your list. It's up to you though, Balanced won't mind if you choose from the bottom instead.

● Become more mindful - Stay aware of your progress with simple timelines and the ability to compare activities. Helpful daily reminders suggest what's important, or let you know when you are winning at life.

● Find inspiration - With 50 suggested activities, you will always have something positive to do. Choose the ones that are just right for you, or add your own. Create your own unique 'happiness list'.

● Lead a happier and more fulfilling life - Balanced is here to support you. It will never tell you off or try to make you feel guilty. Instead it will keep you motivated, be your guide, and improve your life.


Would be a 5 but
Makaveli Sixx

This was just like a teaser app lol all the functions you obviously are downloading this floor are only accessible via in game purchases...... For a person trying to find a way to create something from nothing each dollar counts; was rather disappointing so.... Sad.


Love this app. Great way to start building new and better habits.

E roff

I really enjoy the app I just wish it gave more notifications.


Just what I was looking for. ? Thank you !!!!!


This app keeps me happy and busy and challenges me to get up and do something. It looks nice and organized and is so much better and worth the upgrade.

Tried this after Productive

I loved Productive, but could rarely get a "Perfect" day and lost a little steam trying to be perfect. This is better for me, it's softer, there's no schedule, and I really like how it automatically organizes my priorities. Only 4 stars because there are limited options when it comes to notifications.

Love it - two suggestions

This app has helped me so much in getting things done when they need to be! Two suggestions for the developers that would be helpful for me: go up to 8 on the "times per" selection, and allow users to adjust the timing on what's considered a "day"; i.e. their own waking/functional/task-doing hours.

Absolutely love this app!
Caroline Lightyear

For people who have a lot to do, but have so many things you often times you get distracted and off track, this is the app for you. I love how it tells you when you should be doing something, and how soon.

Love it!

Adds so much value to my life!

Love it!
Jes L 93

Love this app! Use it daily!