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Create the bakery of your dreams in Bakery Story 2! From the creators who brought you Bakery Story, it’s a fun & tasty new baking adventure!
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Games Free Storm8 Studios LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Bake desserts, collect special ingredients, decorate, and share in a beautiful 3D world. Stunning looks and great music make this bakery the sweetest around!

Treat yourself to Bakery Story 2!


BAKE sweet treats that your customers will love! Choose from dozens of cakes, coffees, and much more!
- Create a customized menu with treats ranging from blueberry muffins to mochi ice cream, brownies to the fabled cronut
- Craft delicious drinks including dozens of coffee and tea varieties, as well as special drinks like sparkling cider and smoothies

DISCOVER an incredible 3D world brimming with baking fun! Unlock amazing restaurant customization options and crazy cooking games!
- Baking games have never been so beautiful. Explore an amazing bakery world filled with delectable 3D delicacies
- Craft eye-popping baked goods that’ll make your tummy rumble

DESIGN your own pastry paradise! Experience the unlimited variety and customization of Bakery Story 2!
- Create your dream bakery with custom furniture, wallpaper, art and more
- Tell your story, your way! Each bakery or diner you create will be a reflection of your personal paradise

MANAGE your bakery to be the best! Create a menu, customize the furniture layout and more!
- Cooking gets crazy as you juggle time management and menu creation with your customers’ requests, including special To-Go orders
- Dash to meet bakery goals and expand your baking empire! New opportunities each day!

DECORATE your bakery with thousands of unique tables, wallpapers, art pieces and more!
- If you can dream it, you can design it in Bakery Story 2! Build a bakery that will have your customers coming back each day
- Paintings of fresh food and hay give your bakery a rustic vibe, while contemporary furniture offers a modern look. With so many styles, the choice is yours!

SHARE bonus tips and recipes with online friends! Chat and trade with other bakeries to discover secrets!
- Bakery Story 2 offers more tasty pastries than ever! Discover hidden secrets and share them with friends to boost your profits and drive customers wild
- Invite friends to move their bakery in next door

FREE to download and play, with FREE updates! There’s always something new to discover.

Tell your bakery story the way only you can. Explore a massive catalogue of desserts, drinks, decorations and furniture, and share your secrets with friends online. Manage your bakery, expand, and get the whole town talking about your sweet treats! Fans of restaurant and diner games will savor this sweet adventure!

Download Bakery Story 2 and treat yourself to a bakery adventure today!

Bakery Story 2 is an online game. Your device must have an active internet connection to play.

Please note that Bakery Story 2 is free to play, but you can purchase in-app items with real money. To delete this feature, on your device go to Settings Menu -> General -> Restrictions option. You can then simply turn off In-App Purchases under "Allowed Content". In addition, Bakery Story 2 may link to social media services, such as Facebook, and Storm8 will have access to your information through such services.

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Good, but-

I know you guys have been busy and focusing on Home Design but try to spend sometimes and fix the glitches, bugs and when placing wall objects, don’t auto, it is very annoying and some kind of stupid. I hope you guys can read it and fix as soon as possible.


This game is weird I can’t bring a strawberry cake when I go into the fruit store it gives me Michelle’s jewelry store and Jenny’s store not Charlotte’s fruit store

Please read storm8, great game but..

I love this game SO much! It's so fun but the only things that bother me are.. #1 : The bread takes SO LONG to make! the game expects players to make 4 loaves of bread; each 20 hours! That's 80 hours wasted on bread. #2 : why does it take so long for fruit in the fruit stand to be restocked?? I have too wait half and hour for it to restock ; with out fruit I have barley anything to make! Please fix storm8. πŸ˜•


So when clicking on the fruit stand it keeps on taking me to “Michelle’s luxury shop” which means I can’t buy fruit. Plz fix. Thanks loves!

Bugs Galore

This game is insanely fun, however there are so many glitches and bugs, perhaps even insane coding problems, that it takes away from us enjoying it. For example, sometimes you can purchase items from the different markets that you shouldn’t be able to purchase because of your level, the carpenter sometimes does not even drop the “happy letter” (i.e. he drops coins or market items), and the screen sometimes freezes on one spot and does let me scroll at all (I can only access the options, appliances, etc that are on the frozen screen). It is heavily annoying to deal with all of these issues/bugs and it would be amazing if you guys would fix it before you add more stuff. Thank you, and I have very high hopes for the future of the game!

All master😈😈😈

A bit to quick. Their should be more ways to get gems

Game breaker 5 minutes in.

So quickly into the start of this game, you are asked to fund the fruit shop. Okay yeah seems normal. Except when the fruit shop was built, it gave me the luxury shop with items that I can’t even buy until I’m level 39+, let alone even use. This straight up ended the option of anything but the beginning recipes, making progressing and gaining money practically impossible.

How can you play if it’s not allowing you to play

So it’s saying buy strawberry’s but it won’t let me

Major glitch I can’t do anything
Why o why grr

So I downloaded the app and I was ready to start playing so I tapped on the oven and then my screen was just frozen there. I couldn’t do anything, no baking screen popped up I was just stuck in the corner starring at the blue oven. Idk if it’s just me with this problem but how do I fix it. I kept refreshing/ fully exiting the game, thinking maybe it’d work but nope.

I love this game but. . .

I really love this game but lately my game has been deleting all of my progress and starting me at the beginning! Last time I wrote in and then I finally tried deleting it and tedowlkading and it worked! It just did it again over night on July 31st so I just woke up to it being the basic store! I lost everything and I was in the process of one of the challenges by the secret baker association! Is there a way you can prevent this from happening again? It’s really disruptive since I just start f a new job, am legally blind and I have so many other responsibilities that I don’t have time for this to be happening right now! Thank you!