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4/5 rating based on 386 reviews. Read all reviews for BaconReader for Reddit for iPhone.
BaconReader for Reddit is free iOS app published by OneLouder

Love the app but more themes??


Awesome app! Will you be adding more themes in the future? This current light theme doesn't do well with my eyes I can only manage dark mode. Thank!

Overheating my phone


This app is killing my battery. Please look into this!

Copy paste issues


I can’t copy/paste in this app. Adding links to text doesn’t work. I’ve tried other apps, including the Reddit app, and pasting links works fine, but not this one. Def needs a fix, it’s really frustrating as I link a lot of stuff. I’m stuck using Reddit’s app.

Better than normal app


It’s fire

Copy/paste broken in new release


Can’t paste a URL and support site seems to be out of date.

It's decent


Couldn't find "disable comment replies" like other apps have and I shouldn't have to search for it in the first place. Old interface is boring but the app overall is OK. Would recommend something more modern.

Constant crashing and bugs


The UI is greater than other reddit apps, but I experience frequent crashes every 10-30 minutes and bugs like the app refusing to let me paste.

Nice and simple


I’ve used this app for years now without disappointment. The interface is easy to figure out and navigate.

Prtty gud ngl

Ze rocky

No rly

Crashes, overheats phone, slows all other apps


For the last week now I've been having terrible luck with your app. My phone will slow to a crawl with BaconReader resting peacefully in the background, and only resume when I quit the app. The app also crashes randomly 24/7 now. Any time you click on a picture it seems to crash. Clearly this new release is horribly energy efficient. I can only speculate what resources your devs are using in the background that cause the phone to behave this way - but I'm not using your app until the next update.