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BaconReader for Reddit is free iOS app published by OneLouder

Great client missing a simple feature


Please implement dark/light theme based on the system preference. I have set iOS to switch between dark and light depending on the time of day, with all other apps following suit, except this one, which I have to switch manually every time.

Used to be good


Been using the app for forever. Lately it crashes frequently, multiple times a day. Will crash when trying to switch subreddits. Running on 11” iPad Pro on latest iPadOS. They need to update this app.

Taken a dive recently


Crashing on subreddit searches, twitter links no longer function, and plenty or random crashes. Went from great to frustrating over a couple of weeks

Best client out there


This is been a Mainstay for keeping up with my Reddit groups

Nice Reddit app


I generally enjoy the app. I would like to request that images saved be put into their own album for easy filtering.



Can we get more options in the settings,I can’t change anything to my liking

5 stars


Love this app. Simple and straight forward , pleasant way to surf Reddit .

Flashing Ads


I’ve been using BaconReader since I had an Android a couple years back up to now. Lately, I’ve been seeing ads at the bottom of the screen that keep flashing and it’s become extremely distracting to the point where the app is becoming unusable. I won’t give the app a 1 star just yet because it’s served me so well over the years, but these latest advertisement choices are extremely disappointing.

Ads make it unusable


Used be a great app but they’ve added flashing adds and video banners at the bottom of your screen. Super distracting, would recommend anything else

Best Reddit Client I've found


I literally tried most of the available third party Reddit clients in the last month when the main app stopped working for me. Finding this has been a game changer. It just works!