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BaconReader for Reddit is free iOS app published by OneLouder

Great Interface


Made the mistake of updating the reddit app and it became clunky, ad infested, and overall unbearable. Had to find something else, tried several other apps, and Bacon Reader is easily and by far the best IMHO. Bacon Reader is clean, user friendly, and at $2 upgrading to Pro was a no-brainer. Very grateful to the devs -keep up the great work!

Love it - simple and clean

GH the angry ache

Love how I can swipe between posts, don’t mind the way ads are set up

Too many ads


There’s too many ads compared to previous version. Not worth downloading, switching to new browser

Baconreader keeps a push notification


If BaconReader sends you a notification saying you got a comment reply, but you check it on your computer, the push notification won’t go away, the only fix is deleting and reinstalling the app.

Used to be my go app for reddit but things are changing.


I used to love this app over the official reddit app in a lot of ways I prefer it but idk maybe the last few updates certainly the last two months or so I've been finding myself running into issues with the app that I didn't before. Main issue is when I click on the audi button for a .reddit video and go into the subreddit the audio keeps playing and it Continues to play audio even if I play a new video. It takes me leaving the orignal audio post and turning it off leaving the post then go back into It without clicking the audio button. Another annoying issue is when I go to my subreddits list a custom list never survives so I can't do that and when I do hit sort alphabetically it'll do half the list correct then for whatever reason it'll start over from A again so weird. I still love the app the ads for me aren't annoying, it still works for the most part and the layout is just cleaner.

Frequent odd crashes


Getting crashes for loading certain subreddits by top>all and trying to load comments by controversial sometimes, and other odd crashes for simple task executions

New cross post window Is the worst


I LOVED this app until they added a new cross post functionality that absolutely ruins the flow of the app. I used to able to click a thumb nail and see the gif/pic and now it’s a click and a reach that requires two hands, a smaller phone or bigger hands. Plus, it stops you from swiping left and right if you’re stuck on one of these post. Before this 5/5 After this 1/5 Please remove this :(

Used to be good. Now slow.


Slow. So slow. Posts fail to load. Whatever they changed recently broke the app. Moving to a another app.

Cross posts make it unusable


Have had the app since 2013 and used it daily, but now with the cross post update I will have to delete and just use my browser.



If you don’t buy premium it will just continue playing a popping noise on your phone. No turning it off even if you disable notifications. I used this app for so long before finding out that’s where the noise was coming from. Awful.