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BaconReader for Reddit is free iOS app published by OneLouder

Ads have gotten worse


No longer worth using this 3rd party app. Ads are too annoying now

As trackers galore


Installed Fyde and it blocked 11 ad trackers when opened Baconreader. Any other app I checked had max of 3 trackers. Uninstalled immediately

Best reddit app out there


I don’t understand what people are talking about with the nonstop ads. There’s 1 ad on the entire app (it’s tiny) and it’s arguably the best reddit app available. I’d give it 5 stars twice if I could.

Clean interface


I like this app but it would be nice if it sorted subreddits alphabetically by default. Every time I sort them it loses the order and I have to do it again.

IOS 14.2 breaks it


Buttons don’t work... can’t access the menu at all. Update please!

iOS 14.2 breaks it


Buttons stopped working with iOS 14.2. Needs an update.

14.2 ruins it


This app has been my favorite Reddit app for YEARS but with 14.2 it’s unusable. You can’t open any of the menus. Hopefully there’s a fix soon.

Crashing from External Link


BaconReader is by far the best way to experience Reddit in my opinion. I had it on my android phones and it was my preferred way to consume Reddit. I transitioned to iPhone and was excited to try to the iPhone Reddit apps I heard were so good... nope, BaconReader was better than them all. I have recently been experiencing an issue with the app going blank and becoming unresponsive when I click on an external link. Please update a fix thank you.

Great for text and image articles


The audio will not work on IOS14 (and lower versions) for any links. Is there any workaround or fix in the works?

As close to Reddit is fun as it can get


I like the way content is presented, not a fan of cards that are default on the normal Reddit