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BaconReader for Reddit is free iOS app published by OneLouder



It's a good app works as it should.

It's an okay Reddit. What do you expect..


I have no problems, it's a Reddit page



Absolutely hate the readability part of this app. It never opens the page it is supposed to be linked to, and instead get a "Go to Original" page, which is opened again by readability. The app works great for viewing pictures, but as I am a part of multiple craft type of redit pages, the how they did it is more important. Please change this or I will be finding a different app!

The best


I've used.

Doesn't work anymore


This was my go to app until the readability stuff made the app unusable for external website links, including made video links. Unfortunately it has made me move onto another app.

Good reddit client


Need more richer experience and force touch

Autoplay Ads?


Ads autoplay loudly as you try to scroll. No option to load high resolution images to zoom in. No way to copy the link to the content you're viewing. The website itself is much better. Don't waste your time.

I love it


I use it everyday. I've tried other apps. None is as good.

Way better than the new "official" app.

Gregory Sheppard

Could be prettier but UX is much better. Plus they support Multireddit.