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You can play Backgammon with your friends over iMessage now!
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Backgammon Match app for iMessage offers fully implemented Backgammon board game with great graphic design and easy gameplay.
Download and enjoy Backgammon game over iMessage!
Backgammon is a game of luck and skill played by two people. It is one of the oldest board games with first notices 5,000 years ago.
With support for matches of various length and easy checkers move with one tap per movement you will have great time playing the game.
Dice rolls are completely random and Backgammon app guarantees 100% fair dice rolls. No re-rolls are possible by your opponent.



I played games against my daughter and we has fun. Only four stars because the game didn't properly handle a situation where it allowed me to use only one die instead of requiring me to make a different move using both as per the rules of the game.


I downloaded this app because I love backgammon. But the app isn't there!! No where on my phone! I believe that this app is a bug or some type of spam. I believe that the developer is using this app to gain information from those who downloaded it!! Please people do not!! It's a ripoff!! Big time!! The app says that it's on my phone but not!! What a shame!!

Look inside iMessage app drawer to find Backgammon Match

Backgammon match is for iMessage. Once installed you can find it in the app drawer inside the imessage app.

Messed up my phone

And its impossible to uninstall it. Is this malware ? Its nowhere to be found on my phone

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