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Help give the Back To School girl a makeover. Start off in the Spa, then do her Make-Up and finally help her pick out the perfect outfit.
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Games Free Ninjafish Studios LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

-Spa Section
-Make-Up Section
-Dress-Up Section

*Please note that Back To School Makeover is free to play, but you are able to purchase game items with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases.*

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It’s so bad u can’t even have fun. There are no options for anything. They should just make it cost money all together!


4 SKIN COLORS you could be any color of the rainbow and I would think you are Beautiful

Salon time

I love the game but there are to many adds and it’s getting annoying I love playing the game even though it’s not exactly what I was hoping for but it’s still fun but I spend a lot of time looking at adds and less time playing the game but when I am playing it’s pretty fun I just wish there were more options because were all beautiful but don’t have the options we need to show it I’m just glad the game is fun because when I don’t have any adds it’s pretty fun to play with my friends

Iambs regrow

honestly this game is just too wild, when you purchase something you can’t get your money back i literally purchased something by accident but since it’s already gone through i can’t get it back it just blows my mind, for making this makeup game and charging literally 6 for a diff hair color? get some help, please this is ugly

ralph macchio's girl

okay, so no hate or anything, I got the app, I played with it, i really liked it, but there was ads, and it kept freaking out my phone, 6 dollars to buy a dress!? who would waste money on this kind of stupid game; if I could give it 0 stars, I would.

This game is rasist

The game has no darker skin color and nothing to buy for free but happy stuff; you made a game!

You stole the GMM theme song
Stone keeper XD

Good mythical morning it’s on my favorite YouTube channels and I watched it for a very long time. So as you can imagine I get really mad when people steal their stuff. You have done just that. There were so many other background songs you could have chosen but no it had to be the Old good mythical morning theme song.

I’m am upset

There is no darker skin colors and that upsets me do white people matter more to you? Children that are 8 are playing this, what if they have darker skin what will they think. If you are making a children’s game think about what you’re making!!! I hope the creators see this..

We should be treated fairly

This game hasn’t put enough thought that some mixed or black kids play this game I am here to let you guys now that this game is not right for children.children including me shouldn’t have to see that every white person is pretty and no other race is.i am really annoyed by this game and I would love if some people would stick up for there selfs to show these creators that you have to put different race and religion in this game.and coming from me because I am a African American girl I am disappointed that I and everyone else has to see this racist that is all I had to say and goodbye.😔


Nooo horrible 👎