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Baby Sound Sleeper-Music for Sleep & Relaxation

Your baby can’t sleep? Tired of being awake at all hours with your baby? Get these soothing lullabies and help your baby sleep like an angel! Moms can be sure that their babies will love bedtime. Just install this application and it will do the rest. Give your child perfect childhood!
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* Perfect sound quality!
* These beautiful, soothing songs will help soothe and calm your little ones into a deep slumber.
* Set the time interval or let it sing constantly until your child falls asleep!
* These beautiful melody songs are followed by cute wallpaper for babies!

*** Help your Little Angel Sleep Tight all Night! ***

Your baby can't do anything for itself and relies on you. Give your baby warmth and comfort that it needs and help your baby sleep through the whole night! Sounds easy but getting a baby to sleep consistently through the night can seem like the ultimate unattainable goal. Not anymore! Download this Baby Lullaby Collection for free and get the most beautiful and melodic lullabies and soothing sounds from all over the world.

*** It's Bedtime! ***

Most babies don't stay asleep for more than two to four hours at a time, day or night, during the first few weeks of life. The result? Lots of sleep for baby and a very irregular and tiring schedule for you. The most efficient for getting a baby to sleep are lullabies! These songs for babies are the essential part of the bedtime routine and very helpful when it comes to the sleeping time!

*** This App Will Help Parents Get More Sleep! ***

You have a baby and you've never been more tired in your life. Your job is to respond to your newborn's cues, so you'll probably be up several times during the night to change, feed, and comfort your baby. With these good night songs for kids your baby will fall asleep immediately and have sweet dreams for much longer!

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