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Baby Games for Two Year Olds

Baby Games for 2-5 Year Olds
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Build Preschool skills fast with fun simple games for little kids.

Recommended for parents of kids ages 2-5 who are currently in preschool or about to enroll all the way up to kindergarten.

Be ahead of the kindergarten curve by playing these games!

15 Fun Simple Mini Games:
1. Animal Sounds - Funny cute animal noises.
2. Baby Colors - Master colors the fun way!
3. Baby Text Message - Grasp letters and pretend to text their family.
4. Seasons - Weather is fun! Learn about the seasons.
5. Baby Paint Doodle - Help your future kindergartner become an artist.
6. Baby Phone - Fake phone for your baby to learn numbers and have fun.
7. Fun Shapes - Cutesy way to learn baby shapes.
8. Baby Piano - Learn music and melody.
9. Trains - Explore the sounds of trains!
10. Transportation - Learn about how the world moves.
11. Feed the Penguin - This hungry fella likes to dance and eat.
12. Pop the Bubble - Simple fun for everyone
13. ABC's - Memorize the alphabet and sing the song.
14. 123's - Numbers 1-9 including 0 and counting to 10!
15. Interaction - Touch anything in the app and it will react to you!

Keep your child busy and help them learn valuable kindergarten skills.

Within the settings you can enable/disable the following options:

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Under 2

My son is under 2 and it’s simple enough to navigate around and find the games he loves! Great app!

Great game for my 3 year old

My niece loves this game and it keeps her occupied and helps her learn ! I would give it 5 stars but my only complaint is it's very hard for her to click out of the ads and sometimes the sound doesn't work

Fun game for my child!

My one year old loves playing with this game. It says it's for two year olds, but I guess my child is just advanced!

Perfect Interface

This apps strength is the way it sort of mimics the iPhone's natural user interface so my little boy actually thinks he's playing with apps and not mini games. That is a must for me. He's too crafty to be fooled by baby games. This game tricks him into thinking he's just playing with the actual phone's normal functions. I hope they continue to improve the mini-games though!

Recommended app ;)
Idek what to say

I was searching for an app that my 2 year old sister would like and here it is! I was looking for a game that you don't 'win' because my sister just likes doing her own thing, I definitely recommend this app! FIVE STARS!!!!!!!


Your going to have ads for an app that is meant for a 2 year old. So every 90 seconds my son has to come to me to exit out because he accidentally hit and advertisement. 5 starts if you get rid of the ads.


My toddler loves this app. So much variety and no major ads or purchases to hinder her enjoyment.

17 month old son loves this

So many things on this app make my son belly laugh. His favorites are the fruit, feeding the penguin, and the fireworks. He was terrified of the bugs for a while though. We haven't had any technical issues. Pop ups aren't too frequent and he immediately shows me when it's happened.

BEST APP EVER!!!!!!!!!!!😆😆😆😆😍😍

This app gives me so much free time because all I have to do is give him my phone and he is occupied


When I first got the app worked great, the next day there is NO SOUND. Tried to re-download and still no sound. My 2 year old looks at me and just point to the phone "work sound". I looked through all the settings everything shows it should have sound.