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Awesome Note 2 is paid iOS app published by BRID

Love It!


I've used this app for a long time now, & I would NOT want to be without it. It’s absolutely excellent!

Can’t restore from old version


I like the app overall but very disappointed that the restore from old version dB isn’t working. Says no dB found yet I still have the old version on the phone. Please update this to be able to transfer old notes to new version.

Everything works extremely well


Anyone who’s well organized probably realizes that a folder system, as opposed to no folders and just loose notes, is a better way to keep organized, especially over the long run. In the short-run, you hardly need notes, but over time, when memories fad, having things in folders is the best way to stay organized. This app gives you a ton of great options for working with folders. Syncing and all the other features work well. The calendar is excellent too.

Great app


I've been using this app for years and have really liked the way it flowed. I've pretty much dumped all my tasks into this thing. I have a feature request (I’ll send an email as well). Could you add an option that prevents completed tasks from being indexed in spotlight? It can be quite annoying if one is archiving completed tasks for reference, but it keeps popping up in searches, especially if that task has similar wording as active tasks.

No iPhone x support


Crashes a lot and freezes up my iphone! Please fix!!

Great app....Terrible service


I love this app! Used it for years, however I erased the app by mistake. 57 emails to Bridworks the app developer and not one response. If your going to offer an app, offer service! Very disappointing.

Suddenly cannot open with password


Till last week, I have used the app well for many years with one password (no change). But suddenly the app says my password is incorrect. I cannot see my memos.

This is a app


I test apps, and I have played and tested hundreds of different apps, but I'm particular always looking for organizers, and I can truly say no greater organizer to invest in, hands down it does it all , I would have have it a 5 Star no desktop version to syn with... Keep up the great work, awesome app.


Ford man fusion

I have been using this app for two years, and I have had no issues. If you’re looking for an app that can do everything in one place this is the one.

Seemed great until starting deleting notes!


I really liked the app but without warning parts of my notes just disappear, no way to recover or retrieve my notes, just GONE. Completely unreliable :(