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Awesome Note 2 is paid iOS app published by BRID

Love it, very visual


You need to make this available on Android!!

Only if FTP sync is supported


This is a really nice, with only one missing feature - FTP sync. The idea of having to rely on additional computer or cloud services to do backup, made this app handicap. A long time user of this app, love it so far. Only if this FTP sync feature is available, then this app will be perfect.



Please add more neutral/natural/professional color options. Like someone else mentioned before, the neon colors are hideous. It would be nice if you added the feature of a color scale where we could choose our own color gradient but that may be too complicated. Either way, this app needs less neon

Lost my information....twice


I was using this app to store my passwords because I could lock it. Twice now I’ve gotten a new phone and had no problem backing up my information and restoring it except for this one app that lost my information twice. All my passwords gone. I reached out to customer service twice with no response. I’m deleting the app

7+ years of loving this app...and now...


I made the EPIC mistake of buying the iPad version! I held out for so long because I felt it was unfair to not at least offer a discount to existing paid iPhone app users. But it finally came to a point I had to have it on my iPad and I figured by now all the kinks would have been ironed out. I bought the app, set up iCloud sync and now I’m missing ENTIRE folders of notes. I’m talking years of notes. Gone! I have backups, but I’d created so many new notes before noticing the disappearance, I can’t just opt to restore from my backups without fear of losing the new files. I’ve tried hitting up support via the app and have not received a SINGLE response. So now I’m faced with giving time I really don’t have to purging ALL of my notes and saving them elsewhere just so I can possibly restore and salvage all the lost notes. And THEN see if I can’t get a refund for that destructive iPad app and also possibly find a new more secure notes app. I’m SO disappointed in all this. Long ago, I searched and searched for a great notes app to fit my needs and when I found this app, it was virtually perfect. It had served me so well. I should have just left well enough alone.

Notes Delete Too Easily and Cannot be Recovered

Kyli C

I like this app and use it daily, but I am seriously considering switching to a more secure app. Too many times, I’ve had to-do lists or other important info accidentally delete and then I can’t recover it. It is just much too simple to accidentally hit a button on your phone and have your entire note delete and there’s nothing you can do about it. I know there is some type of method to back up your notes, but the process makes things much more complicated, especially if you don’t have a computer to sync your notes with. Bottom line is that it just shouldn’t be that simple to accidentally delete an entire note. The problem could be solved by simply having a prompt to double check if you really want to delete a note - something like “Are you sure you want to delete this note?” to confirm before it automatically deletes. Also, there should be an “Undo” button like many document apps have, where if you accidentally delete something, you can just press the “Undo” button to get it back immediately. I just don’t feel that my important information is secure here when it could be deleted at any time.

Working great! Where’s Google Drive backup?


5/20/18 back to the best note app ever. But where did the Google Drive backup go? :( 11/1/17 new bug? I’ve lost tracking data on several notes the last few weeks. One was tracking blood pressure for my Dr. Went to paper for that. :( 12/2016 Very responsive developers. Still the best note app ever! Thank you!!!!! 11/18/16 This latest update. Now my tasks do not move when I change the date. I have to slide the app closed and reopen. Please fix. Still the best app reminder available!! Another update and seems my to do notes are back to "auto alarm". I cannot find a way to remove. Sorting thru each one :( May start looking at a different app. Pls fix!!!!!! I am so deeply vested in Anote. Thx!!! Seems recent update has defaulted all of my notes to use the alarm. It draining my battery. Please check and fix. Thanks! Awesome app!!!! 8/24/15 Correction! My entire notes are now a mess. Thanks for nothing! Well yea iTunes file share is back BUT creating a new backup I bumped an old backup. :( It started restoring with no option to stop. Thankfully I had just created a backup BUT asking that one to restore did NOT return the current notes. Seems I have 100+ to fix. SO SO SO frustrating! It did not used to be this way. Please guys patch and return to original. Thanks. 8/21/15 finally received a response that they are currently working to return iTunes file share, etc. Grateful for that. I was and still considering another app. Hanging in there. 8/20/15 It's now crashing. I just tried to open and all notes seem gone. I hope they come back because I can no longer find how to back up on iTunes 12. Can't they just leave stuff alone? 8/5/15 Latest update is terrible! Looks completely different. Now difficult to use (sorry programmers but true). Was SO easy before. And where did the "save backup to iTunes go? Can no longer backup my reminder world. :( -------- Previous review: The best app! Fixed synching issues. If you are an OC organizer: this is the one for you. BUT latest update no longer hides "locked folders notes". Shows with all notes. Please fix as before. Thanks!

Love this App


I have been using this app since 2013, I absolutely love it. Everything I need in one app, backed up to iCloud which is a life saver. Just keeps getting better and better! I highly recommend this app!

Functional app


I really like the versatility and features of this app. There’s a few things that could be improved such as the reminder staying on the list click screen until you open it, otherwise it’s easy to miss. User guide could be improved for things like hiding completely items.



This app, in one evening, has organized the tons of notes, reminders, follow-ups I have written in 20 places, texted, or emailed to myself. Being able to quickly add a voice note or photo along with specific lists is fantastic. I only wish there were a Mac app to perfectly sync as well. I did get Evernote in my Mac which does sync & allows me to view/add/edit on both devices. However, I would love to have the same set-up & not have to worry about forgetting to press that sync button. Also wish it would sync with my iPhone calendar so I could see aNote info there as well. Can’t complain though :)