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Awesome Note 2 is paid iOS app published by BRID

My only note app!


I've been using the app for a while, but the recent updates have made it even MORE useful for my purposes. The one remaining thing that would put this over the top: ability to make a note "sticky" that it stays at top of list. (Maybe there's a way & I've yet to find it)

Awesome Note is indeed Awesome!


Use this app and enjoy :) Thank you ANote.

Simply The Best

1Pink Rose

I have had this App since my first iPhone and iPad and it has Proven to be the Best it Offers so much more than just task and schedule management I love being able to access my Study Notes the Best Part is that I can Secure them in Read Only so I never accidentally erase important Notes and yours is the only App that I have found that offers this Features I have tried many so called Note App's but they can't even hold a candle to the Quality and features of this App I Love the Updates Thank You For an Awesome App?

Looks just like my google calendar


I use google account so I don't have to worry about getting my info if God for bid I loose my cell. It imports my calendar data & makes it look just as pretty. And for non important stuff, I can add things easily & quickly. Love this app been using it for years now.

I run my life with this app


I've used this app to do everything from plan my wedding to complete my Master's degree. I love having individual folders for each aspect of my life that has something to track. It's helped me become a very reliable person bc I never forget about anything I'm asked to do bc I always create a task and assign it to a day to do. If I lost every other app on my phone, but still had this app, I would be just fine, and I'm not exaggerating.

My note is gone!


After the update, one of my important content is GONE!!! What can I do to recover it? I restored from back but still empty, what did you do??

Wish I could give zero stars

Robert MW

I don't know where all the fake reviews and 5 star ratings are coming from. As others have stated, the major update to v8 broke everything that was great about this app. I've been emailing their support almost every day since the update and have not gotten a single response. I have never felt a developer not care about their customers this much! Basic sorting of To-Do lists has been broken since the update, such as making a grocery list and having non-checked items at the top, and checked below, all still in alphabetical order so you can still find items. Basic functional sorting that was present before the update, and is now gone with no hope of developers addressing it. Seems like they are more concerned about writing fake reviews.

Great Organization Tool


I have used this app for going on 4 years. It has been indispensable in helping me stay organized.

Good App


I have used this app for a very long time and used it for everything. I loved the features to keep everything organized, but as new apps come up, I'm wondering if this app is still useful to me especially with the shortcomings. Also, would appear the developers are more focused on Evernote, which is a monthly money draw, when this is app is a one time pay. Due to technical difficulties, they discontinued the backup feature to Google Docs. That was a major downer for me. You have the option to back up to Evernote, but again, that is a monthly pay app. The Evernote lite version only backs up so much. Also, the "lock" feature disappears. However, you can back up using the iTunes, so not all is lost. My problem with moving to another app at this point is that I have been using this one so long, I have a ton of info on it. So moving everything is going to be a pain. At the same time this app is loosing it's appeal, so I will probably start to move things slowly to other apps that I find can replace this one and be of more use, such as OneNote and Adobe

The BEST note taking/journal app. Period.


Hello, I don't often review apps. But I do make exceptions for exceptional apps, like Awesomenote. I have been using it for years, and it is quite simply the best out there. I've tried many over the years, seeing if there was anything better, and I always come back. The simplicity, the beautiful gui, and customizable folders and rich text options as well as the ability to back everything up through Google or Evernote is all awesome. The ability to password protect it all or individual folders is additional control that is useful. I can't recommend this highly enough. I wish there was a desktop app as well.