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Awesome Ice Cream Milkshake Smoothie Parlor Maker

Let's enjoy a nice milkshake from the Ice Cream Parlor! Awesome Ice Cream Milkshake Parlor is the perfect game to create and build your unique smoothie!
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Games Free Richard Wu iPhone, iPad, iPod

Easy to use interface, which means perfect for all ages!

-Dozens of flavors to choose from! From Chocolate, to Vanilla to Keylime Pie!
-Finish off your unique drink with decorative stickers, fancy straws, and colorful cups!
-Save and share your finished creations in the gallery and to your friends!

Let's create the perfect Milkshake today!

*NOTE: This game is free to play but offers in-app purchases made with real money.



If your bored and there is nothing to do just go on this app and you be easily entertained

100% great

This app is really fun so you should get this app today!!!

Good but need to make everything free
Maddeline Victoria

Too much adds

kind frinennd

I like this game but its kind of bad really bad




This app is SUPER boring, there is barley anything to do and the things that we can do are not fun, also you need to unlock more things. Please make this app more fun and unlock more things.

This game is amazing
It's nice 118637

I think it is cool because I love milk shakes

I review apps with honesty

I do like this game a lot BUT you do the same thing over and over again and it gets a little boring AND there are so many adds but the reasons I like it are it is fun to build a gallery of all you're milk shakes and it takes up time when you are bored

My milkshakes bring all the reviews to the yard

This app is fun and quick and something to do when your bored in a car ride or listening to your mom talk

Adds make it unplayable

All of these adds make this game unplayable. Because of the adds, I give this game a ?



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