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Avoid The Circles Pro

Touch and hold to move the dot. Avoid the circles at all costs!
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Games Free Blu Market INC., The iPhone, iPad, iPod

Be careful, this game is extremely addictive and fun!


It is like flappy bird!
If Percy was real?

It is really hard

This better be good


Llama's r awesome

You don't have any directions on how to get over the blank spaces. I did not like this app.

Sashie Bear

Another great app. Lots of fun done by a great creator amazing.

Don't waste you money.
Yolo M.C. Swaggins

This game is horrid. It has parts that are impossible to pass and force you to use a "Save Me".

Worst App

it says you can get infinite lives in the pro version but you can only get 1 save. also there is still ads


It's alright

Millie manage

It's okay

Ok game for a few minutes...

...Then I realized that the first ten seconds of the game is exactly like the next ten seconds is like the next ten seconds is like the next ...... Well you get the picture.

Over it
El jefe 2602

The trail game kept sending me to other games and ads. Paid a dollar so I could actually play it and was over it after three minutes.