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Download Avocado Meal Planner - Meal planning, recipe handling and grocery shopping made easy

Avocado Meal Planner - Meal planning, recipe handling and grocery shopping made easy

Avocado Meal Planner helps you save time and money and makes your everyday life a lot easier!
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Collect all your recipes in the same place and compile a meal plan for up to a month in advance. Get a complete and neatly sorted shopping list with everything you need for all your meals. Getting the weekly shopping done couldn't be easier!

The free version contains the full set of functionality, but allows only a limited number of recipes. Try it before you buy it! The Premium version is available as an in-app purchase at the price of a few tomatoes.

What some Avocado Meal Planner users say
- "Awesome! This is the best meal planner ever! It is easy to use and all organizational bases covered. My new favorite app!"

- "Revolutionary! Have been looking for an app like this for years!"

- "Brilliant! I didn't think I'd find an app to do everything I needed to plan my weekly meals but this does and more! Amazing, shopping and cooking is going to be so much simpler."

- "This app is great for meal planning. It's easy to use and has everything I need in one app."

Key features
* Easy to use with a clean and intuitive user interface.

* Plan your meals for up to a month at a time by arranging your recipes in meal plans.

* Import recipes from a number of supported recipe web sites. Automatic conversion of ingredient quantities between Metric units and US units.

* Share your recipes with friends through Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail, and import recipes that your friends have shared.

* Simple and easy to create your own recipes.

* Organize your recipes in customizable color coded categories.

* Specify calorie count per serving in your recipes and get a daily total displayed in your meal plans.

* Access your data from any number of iPhone/iPad devices.

* Get a complete shopping list for all your planned meals. How much you need of each ingredient is automatically calculated to match the number of servings you have specified in your meal plan and your recipes.

* Bring your phone or pad to the grocery store and scratch things from the list as you pick them up. The items are grouped by store aisle, and if you want to make the shopping even smoother you can customize the order of the store aisles for your favorite grocery stores.

* Send your shopping list by e-mail to a family member or friend if you can't go to the store yourself.

* Customize the appearance of the app by choosing from several different color themes.

* Supports both Metric and US unit systems and allows recipes to be converted from one unit system to another.

* Supports both fractions and decimal numbers when entering ingredient quantities.

NOTE! Avocado Meal Planner has only a few recipes bundled at the moment to help you get started, but you can easily add your own recipes and import recipes from various web sites. The functionality is focused on planning meals and making grocery shopping easy. If you're looking for cooking inspiration or a complete recipe database, this is probably not the app for you.


Not quite ready

I love that you can organize ingredients based on measurements / amount needed. The App adjusts the shopping list according to servings using the measurements, which is great. Unfortunately, although the app is pretty to look at, it's difficult to navigate. It's not user-intuitive and I can't tell "where I am" in the app on any given page. In addition, there is no coordinating website, so I'd have to enter the entire recipe on my phone's keyboard instead of syncing via a website.

Frustrating App

When I first downloaded the app, I liked it. I agree with another reviewer that it isn't intuitive, but once I figured it out, it seemed to be a useful app. I entered my menu and generated a shopping list only to have it crash and delete everything. Concerned it was user error, I manually re-entered everything only to have it happen again. I have now deleted the app. I think the idea is good, but some additional work is needed.

Great app!!!!
Michael Todd

I love this app. The only thing that I don't like is its tedious when you are adding the recipes. Also I wish personally that you could use fractions instead of just decimals.

Good app

I like this app!

95% of what it could be

Be nice to: 1. Export menu created 2. Edit quantity of items to buy(ex. might already have 4 apples, but only show amt for menu.) 3. Add columns to items like cost of item and per pound, item, etc) Other than that, awesome program.

Nice idea
Austin housewife

Confusing to use

I Guess I Expected More

When I was trying to put in 2/3 cup, I had to put it in the comments box. You can only place numbers in the amount box. Being able to put a picture in the recipe was cool though. The layout was easy enough to work with. All in all, very tedious. I kind of laughed when I saw that pepper wasn't on the ingredient list. This app has the potential to be good. Just need to fix the kinks.


So much fun! It's great how much you can customize yourself and saves you tons of time planning meals!

Great app!

I like this app and the organization it provides me!


This app is confusing and takes a lot of work to set up.

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