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Auxy Pro - Music & Beat Maker is free iOS app published by Auxy AB

Not enough

Master mix2490

Unless your willing to pay per month on an app that you may not use daily it’s not worth it you can do almost nothing unless you subscribe

It is pretty fun but I have a question


Am I able to use this app without paying the subscription, or must I pay after seven days?

Amazing app for making music


Really user friendly and makes creating music a fun process. I only have one suggestion. The ability to group instruments and create automation for them.

Great except for one thing...


I’m a HUGE fan of Auxy Pro. I’ve been using it for a while, and I really like Jam too. They’re both great apps that are both pretty powerful for what they are. The only thing I’d add is the ability to pause when editing a loop so you can hear with a single tap each instrument sound instead of waiting for the loop to come back around. Otherwise love the apps, keep up the good work!

Another overpriced subscription 60 a year! No one time price

Peppy Techie

So tired of apps that want so much money for apps that are not worth the price. For $60 go buy a program you can keep and use after you paid $60! Apple is pushing companies to go subscription and I for one am pushing back. For this type of money, start looking at actual programs that dont try to rip you off!


Tucker Vogel

I’ve been using auxy for over 4 years, it is the perfect app for making beats. I was super excited when the sample feature was released, and started downloading custom drum sounds and other sound effects, i also downloaded countless melodies and made beats with mainly samples. Yesterday I opened my app and all of my samples were gone, i am unable to listen to any of the beats that used samples as the sounds are not there. Nearly 2 years of music is forever gone, which is why I rated the app 1 star. I will no longer be using auxy from this point forward, and i am extremely upset that I can no longer listen to the majority of my good songs anymore.

Im now glad I didn’t post my great review


I clicked restore purchases. IT SAID I BOUGHT ONE PACK WHEN YOU NEVER SOLD PACKS INDIVIDUALLY!! It said my “subscription” expired 8 months ago. Yet, i made a new song last week with everything being available. Re: How dare you lock me out of my work after years of loyalty and servitude. I just launched an album on iTunes and was going to heavily endorse Auxy. Kiss that goodbye. Seriously, like 5 years then bam.. $4.99 monthly for access to whats been free for 5 years. You’ve lost your way and I know you won’t turn back. Another soulless music leech in an age of endless SoundCloud artists. Im effective on music strike. When everyone asks why i will tell them Auxy made me loose hope in humanity. Thanks. The only stable thing i had in life is gone. I used Auxy everyday. I would have thrown money at you for any other reason. To steal my creative rights for $4.99 a month. I don’t believe in or trust your company any more. Again, soulless. I attached below the previous review i sent Auxy. Re: You’re DUMB if you DON’T! Simply put, i have launched my career with this app. Nuff said!

Finally!!! Something free!


I love to do things like this but it always costs money 💵. But I finally found one that is FREE. Keep up the good work!

Auxy is a fantastic tool for musicians!

Angel of LOL

I don’t understand why Auxy is getting a lot of flack just for having a paid subscription. I downloaded Auxy a little after it first came out and have been a paid subscriber for a while now. There are a lot of high quality sounds that a musician can easily manipulate to create a plethora of unique sounds. Is $5 a month a bit much? I can see that a little bit. A little after 3 - 4 years, it’s nearly the same price as some of the best DAWs out there, and those DAWs have more features and options than Auxy. I do believe there should be more packs in routine for updates for the price overall. What I will say is that I wish there was maybe a yearly subscription or one time fee because I would love that! All in all, slightly pricey, but not pricey enough for me to delete. To each their own though. To the developer: 1. I wish there was a way where you can fade sounds in and out (great for song buildups or drops). I’m aware that maybe the app can only handle so much data/space though. Maybe like what BandLab does, they have a website and the website has more features. 2. Please consider the yearly subscription or one-time fee, if you haven’t planned on executing it in the near future. 3. More sound packs with the paid subscription! I do think the website could be a great idea for you guys! And I think with having more options on the website, it will make the $5 more worth it. 🙂 I still will be using this app for the long-term. Now, if they increase their monthly price, maybe not. P.S. - Some of the people leaving reviews can be more respectful, even if something has upset them. I think the app’s response team to some of these reviews are super professional and I respect that!

I had Auxy for a while.

Solomon of Kleptolia

Great sounds, easy editor. The transition feature is good. It went to monthly subscription and I deleted it. $4.99 per month or $46 per year is nowhere close to worth it when you can get Nanostudio 2 for a one-time $30-40 dollar purchase. If all you need is a quick beat, Figure will do the job for a much lower cost. iMaschine 2 will run you $9.99 for the base and then you change purchase whatever sound packs you want. Basically, a subscription service is bad economics when there are plenty of other apps just as capable or even more capable for less money over time.