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Auxy Pro - Music & Beat Maker is free iOS app published by Auxy AB

Great But..


Amazing app 5 stars almost perfect just needs an undo/redo feature and the ability to add your own sounds and it would be the perfect pocket studio.

Amazing, buuuut

Jamie O'Rourke

I know you need money, but there are other ways too, like ads! I think it would be more enjoyable to have to watch ads to use certain sounds, than delete the app because I refuse to pay. Just a thought.

The app is alright


why is it when I try to sample something on blocswave to auxy, it gets cut short before it’s finished playing? It would be playing fine and then it just stops out of nowhere while the measure keeps going???

Addicted to Auxy Pt 2 !!!


Everything about this app makes perfect sense. It’s so easy and quick to generate ideas that it’s almost like cheating. If this were a full fledged DAW I would pay big $$$ for it! Here are some highlights of this genius app: * The gorgeous interface- easy on the eyes. Clean and super easy to navigate. * the ability to EASILY automate pitch, shape, tone, HP, LP, reverb, distortion, ducker and volume. * hundreds of drum, percussion, vocal chops, impacts and the ability to apply all the effects to each (listed above) * import/export without any hassle And probably the most important- So far this thing has been stable as a rock! Conclusion and my opinion: Auxy cuts all the BS that I don’t need, allowing quick workflow. On the surface it looks too simple. But dig into the effects and the ability to morph sounds and you have the #1 music production app out there.


Mod 1975

$60 a year that’s $120 in two years etc... that is ridiculous this is a great app but not worth that much you should offer a $49 buy out option along with your subscription and not make your customer forced to pay off your Mercedes while we just want to make some beats I will look else where until you change your model. It’s jus too expensive 😔 - *they responded below with a really crappy explanation- NO WRONG you are too expensive the program is OVERPRICED! don’t buy this unless they offer a straight BUY OUT option !! Don’t support these crooked app makers. NO to the expensive SUBSCRIPTION MODEL. Do the math if you have this for 2+ years in your iPad how much is that imagine 4 years and so on CROOKS!!

Not great

Paden Gene Dodson

Just use GarageBand. It’s a lot better and it’s free

No, no, no!


I hate this app!!! I have to do a free trial!!! And the app is not free after the trial!!! I experienced it with VideoPad on my family’s home computer!!! So unfair!!! Get Medly instead!!!

Great app that’s simple to use!


I’ve used this app for 2 years now and it hasn’t had any problems! It’s easy to use, and has many sounds and features that are fun to work with. It’s convenient as well if you want to make beats on the go. One feature I would like is the ability to side-chain melodic aspects like Bass, Piano, ETC Other than that, This is a great app for all skill levels. 10/10

fun app but cannot delete


there seems to be a bug that defies deleting, apple says i have to restore my phone from a backup in order to delete it, and because of all the download content it is a huge file.

I like this app. :D

slappy buckets

I’m new to making music at all and it took me only 15 minutes to learn how to use the app. The free sounds are nice and composing is easy as breathing so why not give it a try?