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Auxy Pro - Music & Beat Maker is free iOS app published by Auxy AB

It's really good, but.....

Rainbro Thrash

Basically I love this app. It's a cool thing to use when you get inspired or just bored, but ever since they updated it recently and got rid of the upload option I have not been able to properly upload it to soundcloud which is where I post stuff. Yes it has an option to directly upload it to soundcloud,but for some reason when I try I end up uploading a song that is basically nothing (0:00 with just pic and title) and I know you want credit towards using the app for music we create,so I've come up with a solution to the pic defaulting to an auxy background for every song. Just incorporate a little background picture thing to be able to post a picture background for the track but put an auxy icon on the corner of the picture for every track posted through the app. That way it doesn't have to be on picture every time someone posts through your app. It would be amazing if you took a look into this for it will make this app an amazing one for music creation. Thank you.

Amazing Music App


I've been using both Auxy apps for quite some time now. I can honestly say that with its create sounds, easy design, it makes a amateur of music like me, feel like a pro DJ!!! I recommend this app for anyone looking to make music in an easy, and simple environment. Hope you Enjoy!!!!! ???

Amazing app with NO ADVERTISING


This app is nothing light but heavy in music making abilities. It plays every in sync when you create tracks and there are many export options: I like that I can export to video because I can add music straight to my videos on my phone. Not to forget there's no advertising and everything is free. Easily got 5 STARS from me! And a review even that's hard cause I usually keep my opinions to myself.



It's very interesting

iPhones launchpad!


So far so good! My son wants a launch pad so badly! This might do the trick for now, it's easy to use and so much fun!

LOVE IT!!!!! ?


If you like too make cool beats, This is the app for you!!!

Really good app

Drift run 20

Better than the others

beginner user, great app


The UI is sleek and intuitive, with just enough customizability to be fun and easy without being boring. I look forward to seeing if a community builds around your app and for more sounds!

Hooray for New Landscape Mode!


Time moving from left to right instead of top to bottom works for me, I'm glad we have a choice now! Great App, great update.

Love it!


I absolutely love this app and I'm addicted to it. The one problem that I had with it was that you couldn't add triplets. Now not only can you use them, but 32nd notes as well! I love this app. Amazing update. Future update ideas: include something besides 4:4. Even just adding 3:4 would do wonders for my songs. Unless there is a way to do it that I just haven't noticed. And sixtuplets if you really want to have fun (I'm a percussionist and I love using this app, the more things like this that is added, the happier I get. Too bad I can't rate 6+ stars)