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Auxy Pro - Music & Beat Maker is free iOS app published by Auxy AB

Simple, Annoying


I enjoy Auxy. Making music with this app is easy and fun, but when it comes time to exporting and sharing, it's nearly impossible for me. Since you guys have updated the rendering part of Auxy and made things "easier", I haven't been able to share and upload my music. There is an option to upload straight to SoundCloud now, but when I use that feature, I'm unable to listen to it on SoundCloud. Once I click play I am greeted with a "buffering" message that seems to never go away. The older exporting method of exporting to the site, downloading the file, and then uploading it myself was so much easier. I still love the app, but sharing and uploading my tracks is a major hassle and breaks the 5-star rating for me.

Like "Figure" on crack


It's a better and more capable version of Figure by propellerhead. This being said, I'm not getting rid of Figure. Theyre both different apps with different purposes and are both very fun. Plus I just broke 105 followers on Allihoopa. But I do recommend this app for some simple, easy fun

Really neat once you figure it out


This is a really neat app to make your beats and arpeggiated synths. You can mix on the fly if you want to make it sound different and export to different formats.

Spectacular & Addicting!


I love this app of making catchy music! As soon as I got it I couldn't stop making different beats and melodies! I would suggest for them to add in a few normal instruments as well though, such as violin, cello, piano, flute, trumpet, sax, etc. but all of the given beats are good. I absolutely LOVE that you are automatically given every beat for free, I'm so happy they don't put a price over my wish to make music simply. I would also love to see if you could save a tune you make for a ringtone, I think that would make this even better. Get it, you'll love it. 10/10



I've had it for two weeks and I love so much already!!



I love this app

A great app


I really like this app I made a lot of good music with it

So cool!


I love this app!

The best quality sound of any "original music creation app.",


This app. Truly gives you everything you need to create professional sounding ,multi- instrument electronic music. Also easy to learn and a very fast way to create quality drum beats or loops for export to other apps. Definitely lots of fun and made by genius app. Developers.

Two words


It's awesome ???????