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Auxy Pro - Music & Beat Maker is free iOS app published by Auxy AB

Great but,

angry person kinda

This app used to be really fun and great, but then all the good sounds went from free to costing money. I’ve had auch for a long time and now I need to pay for everything.

Without a doubt, the best music app out there.


I cant tell you how much I love this app. Ive used it from the start and its grown immensely, only thing I just noticed that I highly suggest is more time signature options, or at least the option to delete or add more bars? Notes? Instead of just 16. Other than that this a serious tool for music productions, I produce most of my music on Pro Tools and this is awesome for either jotting down ideas are creating full parts for songs. Id recommend this beginners and pros. I actually almost exclusively use Auxy for any kind of electronic drums that I need, save for again, times I need a different time signature. The create your own drum kit is amazing, literally thousands of options for percussive pieces to add to your kit.. anything like for a regular DAW would cost at least $50 easy. Seriously, I highly recommend. Can I get an Auxy T-shirt please?

Great app


You guys should add the ability to add vocals on a beat. Being able to sing over something you made would be cool. Keep up the good work!

Perfectly balanced.


As all things should be. Thinking about subscribing can be scary at first for some, but you first have to consider the simplicity paired with phenomenal freedom, provided network of constantly incoming sounds and samples, and import/export abilities. Auxy is the sole reason I have hope for a music career. If you think about it, a release is simply a sound file invested into distribution to receive royalty. If you’re serious, you can literally make a career and become great wherever you are. Don’t be fooled by the price, you pay for what you get.



Probably the best music app I’ve used

Why the money grab?


I remember having this app a couple years ago and it was pretty good and now that I re downloaded it I see yet they added a subscription. I don’t think it’s really even worth the subscription and you only get to use drums on the free mode which is absolutely stupid.

**Scam** Another Money Grab App


as usual the typical bait you in with free talk then charge you for features the renders the app useless unless you go subscription the days of honest app making are gone folks its all about exploiting the people for sales we need a better business bureau for apps and games. i mean the devs basically told us theyre robbing us, well since selling sound packs didnt make us rich enough we will charge monthly #GreedIsAHellOfADrug

Changed the way I make music


I used to use medly, which is great for beginners and helped me get to where I am now. As I don’t have a PC or a way to get something like FL I’m very limited as to what I can have; Auxy has given me not only a serious upgrade to medlys Limitations but it helped me create a better workflow. With medly I could create a full track in maybe three hours; now I’ve whittled that down to one with auxy. This app handles everything well: from organization to design it nails everything! Although I am a dark mode user I would like a light mode to be implemented (just because why not?) and an easier way to organize tracks (like how medly has “albums”) id like something like sub-tags that can help you organize several more tracks. If I could add images to the tags that could also be quite helpful. These are mostly small cosmetic changes but that just shows how good this app is; I honestly can’t think of many big changes this app should implement (other than maybe different time signatures) And with that I bid you all goodbye; get the app, it’s worth it! -H3X

What am I paying for?


I’ve been subscribed to Auxy for several years and have been pleased with what I get for the subscription. Now, I’m considering unsubscribing because there hasn’t been an update in months and there haven’t been sound packs. I feel like I’m sending my money into a vacuum. Please communicate with your subscribers and let them know what the future hold for Auxy (if there is one).

Not free

Sk williams

Don’t waste your time