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Auxy Pro - Music & Beat Maker is free iOS app published by Auxy AB

5-stars. No question.

Mr. MechBurgerYT

Auxy is easily a 5-star app. I see zero problems with the already expansive features, and highly intuitive interfaces that make it all accessible. There are a few things I'd like to see, however. The first one's a big one. •The current drum UI is only tuned to single-pitch drums, and I think that making a UI similar to FL Studio's would be extremely helpful. Or maybe like how the melodic instruments are currently. Have one instrument take up the whole "instrument" part, and just have an interface similar the melodic interface when you open it. Instead of having multiple instruments locked to one pitch(or having to stack the same instrument and set them to different pitches, which can be tedious), have one instrument set to one "loop", and of course have the ability to duplicate it, change it, etc. while still having the ability to make a new loop set to a new instrument within the same "instrument". Furthermore, you could have the option to set an instrument like this, or like the traditional way. I know that may have been hard to read, but that's the best I could put it. •Maybe up the instrument capacity to 24 or 32 instruments? The previous suggestion would save space, actually, but more instruments would still be nice. •More key signatures, please! Phrygian, Blues, Mixolydian, as many as possible. If anything, add Phrygian. •More pianos and flutes!

An In-Depth Review of Auxy


(Aight so this review is kinda long and for some reason I can’t copy and paste it from my notes app into here so ima shorten things down tremendously) Long time user of Auxy here, about 2 years now, and I just wanna say I absolutely love this app. Now onto the pros and cons: Pros: - Simple and easy to use and get started with, great for beginners. - The simplicity doesn’t ruin the app, even experienced musicians can still get so much out of this, it’s got a lot of the features of your average $200+ DAW - $5 a month for loads of amazing quality sounds is absolutely a steal - Almost everything in the app looks really sharp, the organization and design is phenomenal - You can upload to SoundCloud directly from this app, and it only takes like 3 mins max - You can take this app and make music pretty much anywhere you can listen to music - There are more but this review gettin long Cons: - Drains battery and uses a good amount of storage (not an issue if you own a good phone unlike my iPhone 6) - Sampling is pretty nonexistent, only drum sounds and that’s it, plus it’s kinda confusing too so I never bothered with it. Would be nice to be able to do vocals in Auxy tho - The real instruments are slightly disappointing, I personally want a more natural guitar rather than one that sounds like a guitar pluck sound played from a piano. Hard to make genres that aren’t edm or rap with this - Free demo pack is pretty weak ngl, but if you can pay $5 a month this app is worth it Now onto stuff I wanna see in the future: - Automation for bpm, as well as the type of automation (for stuff like distortion) not just how much distortion. And can we please have the option to type in what bpm we want rather than spend 20 seconds tryna get it on 160 cause it keeps going 159 or 161? - Better “real” instruments. I just want them to sound more natural. And I want electric guitars please. - Please improve sampling for those that wanna use it (I probably won’t but I know some will) Overall, 9/10 app, nothing holding it back but there’s stuff that can be done to improve it in the future. This app was my intro to music production and I still use it to this day, even though I own a copy of FL Studio too. I hope to see some of those changes I listed and I wish I coulda posted my full review which was over twice the length but oh well. I still recommend this app to everyone when music production comes up in conversations, it’s just too good. If you wanna get started making electronic music on a budget, this is the app for you, better than garage band and probably FL Mobile too (haven’t tried that one but there’s no way it’s as good as Auxy lol) Much love, NCRYPT/Shukaara

it’s lit

Tucker Vogel

it’s lit

Next GEN stuff


I think it will be cool to edit the forms of the samples so you don’t have to export it to another app to do so. I also think that it would be cool to have a option to to make a sample into a instrument to edit them further. So you guys don’t have to work as hard. All and all it’s a great app.Another thing it would be cool to integrate the free app synth one Into Auxy to make your own samples and cool effectsI really think this is a great app but everythingCan always be improved thank you.

If I could I’d give it a 0


App straight he balled everyone into thinking hmm maybe this might be a good app to use but then of corse your need to pay $20 a month for packs what bs



Was great when they offered a bunch of free samples. Now you have to subscribe to even use anything, and you only get like 8 free samples.


Dan Juno

Really stunning how much is fit in to this app without there being 100 menu’s blocking your view. Reminds me of working in Ableton Live. Having scenes instead of a running timeline is smart for an app based studio. As an artist for $5 a month you can’t beat the amount of potential this app gives you with its compact design and user friendly interface. Sure there are free apps but you still have to buy add ons for them eventually as well for more then $5. That’s a soda and a candy bar now a days.



A simple and perfect tool to make sounds that have an affect.



This is an awesome game to make your own EDM songs! It let’s you have hundreds of amazing sounds... ONLY IF YOU BUY THE FULL GAME!!! The demo is okay, but $5.00 a month?!? No way. It’s $60.00 A YEAR. Could you make it like, $3.00? Maybe $4? Whatever. Even if you can’t get the full version of this, it’s still incredibly fun to play around with.



Thank you for making this ive finally found out what I wanna do with my life and that’s to make music this should be good for beginning my music career