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Auxy Pro - Music & Beat Maker is free iOS app published by Auxy AB

Great app, practice makes perfect


The app is great to experiment and play with creating beats and cool techno music. Takes a little practice and getting used to the interface but once you get the hang of it... you can creat some great clips and/or songs. Love it.


The Onitsuka Tiger

Good but buggy for iPad

Add the import songs

Vance Evans

This app is fun but without pro you only have a couple sounds. Something I thought that would be cool is being able to import songs from other music apps (such as Amazon music) and be able to listen to the song and tweak it and change the song.



Hello. I have some suggestions for the app. I think that there should be more dubstep and Lofi/ambient noises in Auxy. Also can u please make it so I can import longer audio into Auxy via the drums. At least 5 min worth of audio. Thank you for your time.

Best Mobile Music Studio.


Been using Auxy almost everyday since it came out, and have over 1500+ projects. This app is great, beautifully simple and minimalistic. If you are looking to try to produce anything at all, start here. start with the base sounds, and mess around with them. if you like this app and it’s sounds, i highly recommend buying the subscription. Fantastic app! :)

Charged me

MaskedBandit yt

It charged me for a free trial that i did months ago and canceled it but then it charged me for five dollars for no reason i want a refund

New User


Just started using the app. I’ve tried for a long time to make FL Studio and it has been overwhelming/beyond my skills as a new produced. The Auxy Pro app is fun, has lots of sounds for me to play around with and has so far helped me start to make good beats.

You have to pay if you want to play

wiwuueh Sc du isiwuwishshd

This is not a free app. They offer you a free trial and then is $5 a month. What happened to buying an app outright?

Nearly 5 stars


The last feature Auxy needs to add for the app to be 5 stars from me is midi importing. Such a nearly perfect app, but it makes things like remixes incredibly time intensive when you can just import the whole song via midi

Pls add this


So I can only say good things about this software , to start off I love the simplicity of how everything works and also they on how you build tracks is amazing , the only thing I would love love love would be having midi compatibility for keyboards and pads