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Auxy Pro - Music & Beat Maker is free iOS app published by Auxy AB

Great app , couple suggestions

Music computer guy works great

I love Auxy, the work flow is like a dream work flow I had years ago but lacked knowledge to applicationize it.... anyway, I am a music theory/ Edm knowledgeable person and I found this app on par with any desktop daw with the added bonus of a killer workflow. Bouncing to ableton the instruments don’t transfer so it’s better to do it as stems (or midi and then go recreate all those dope sounds) the audio can be a bit misleading in the app if you bounce straight to mp3 i.e. won’t sound the same on all stereos. To fix, turn your instruments down and rebalance at a lower volume or just re-eq stems in your daw. A cool feature to add would be the ability to do dj effects on the stems or if we could bounce scenes to say something like the notation launchpad app vs going to ableton then to pads for those of us who would like to be able to use the scenes as clips in ableton or similar apps. Love this program, I have made some of my favorite songs right there in the app.

Never Support Subscription Apps

Gern Blasnton

It might sound crazy but I don’t need any more bills to pay.

Great, by far the best pocket studio, but I have some requests

Super Guille

This by far the best pocket studio, I made a lot of songs with it, and some of these I uploaded to YouTube, but I have some ideas, I think there should be support for other time signatures instead of just 4/4, like 3/4, 5/4, 12/8 and more, I also think there should be support for other concert pitches (things like A = 432 hz or A = 451), and also another thing, instead of only default, precision, triplets and precision triplets what about adding an option for more tuplets, adding things like quintuplets, septuplets and things like that, and finally undo and redo, it’s annoying not having them. This app is definitely underrated, and I hope you could add some of these things Thanks for reading!

Quintessential music creation app


I’ve been using Auxy almost daily for 4+ years to journal whatever’s in my head, spanning various genres from classical to experimental, downtempo, ambient, and noise. I see it as much as a musical instrument as a production app, and with the ability to add your own samples, there are few limits on what you can do, while still remaining self-contained and quick to use. It is clearly a labor of love for the developers, who have worked consistently to maintain and improve it over time. I have no reservations over giving it 5 stars.



The ONLY “beat making” app Ive used since 2015 I think lol (to put it quite simple); but it’s so much more than that. I’ve been able to truly come out my shell and creator music that has always been in my head and my soul. Yes I have tried other apps, Yes I’ve tampered with the hog studio equipment and it’s over whelming! Auxy puts all of that in the palm of my hand with its flawless format. I F****** Love AUXY!

Nope don’t do it

Manny OgK

Weak weak weak can’t play any keys I’m not a not drawer. Makes the workflow none existing. Two thumbs down BeatMaker is better.

Not a fan

Donald J Clark

Subscription based, no option to buy outright. Doesn’t feel like a DAW, but rather feels like a game.

Scam Trash


Scams you into downloading. Then you’re asked to pay a monthly subscription to use it. It doesn’t look polished at all, so from my experience the seller is content with collecting a payment until you learn for yourself it’s not good. Immediate uninstall.

Could use some updates


Great app except I can’t export the files to my computer so I can upload them to my stream account.

Limitless possibilities


This app has changed the way I approach music creation. It’s accessible to all levels. I’ve produced over 150 pieces, completing about 15 tracks. Clean sounds, but I wish the piano patches could sound a bit more fragile and organic. With tinkering, it all blends together nicely nonetheless. Good for mental health, relaxing, and a different way of journaling.