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Auxy Pro - Music & Beat Maker is free iOS app published by Auxy AB



Auxy is an utterly incredible app. Although most of the instruments are locked behind a paywall, even without that you can still make incredible music. Buying the full instrument sets are 100% worth it, the music you can make is amazing and utterly stunning, even the best digital musicians should use this incredible and simple app



πŸ”₯awesome app

Pure GOLD!

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This app is pure GOLD. I tell you I have Auria Pro & Nanostudio 2, but I still make the best music on Auxy pretty hands down. It just has this edge and simplicity.. and workflow is swift. What I'm doing recently is composing the song in Auxy and then mix and master in Auria Pro. Thank you guys 😊

Don’t waste your time


When I first got this app, I thought It was going to be really cool. But when I started to make my first beat, I could eng find any sounds to use. You have to pay 4.99 a month for all of the sounds, and you only start out with like six. It was a great idea but would be better if we didn’t have to pay to use it

Needs better upkeep


I’ve used this app for around four years and it has been one of my main tools for music designing. I have always liked it and have gotten quite a bit out of it. It truly makes music making fun and simple. However, the app, much like almost every other app on the store, has a subscription, which it didn’t, when it first started. By now, I’m not surprised and am fine with subscription based apps. But, when the app first started the subscription setup, I’m FAIRLY certain that it said it would release a sound pack every month. And it feels like that isn’t the case anymore. Even then, though, it wouldn’t be a big deal, if you got unique sounds out of every pack. But, when you start to feel like a new pack starts to sound almost identical to past instruments in a different pack, that’s a problem. All in all, it’s a GREAT app but, I feel like it may be taking advantage of its success and delivering less than what it is worth. With that being said, change isn’t impossible and the future of “Auxy” can still shine bright as long as the developers keep carrying its torch.

SIMPLY GREAT - but found a bug


Let me start by saying this app has reinvigorated my creative process! So grateful to have such a versatile and powerful studio in my pocket. I downloaded the new update and the Background Audio functionality is no longer working - just wanted to let yall know so yall can squash that bug! Cheers!



IMPORTANT QUESTION FOR DEVELOPERS: I love this product & understand that you want it to be a stand-alone product from Garageband, but some people (like myself) have been wanting to use auxy sounds(i.e. drums) with other programs/apps to get the most out of their song by mixing & matching any sounds/instruments at their disposal [I for one somehow still have access to the full Alchemy Mobile synth app, which i used to compose all my hip-hop samples with, & it can be recorded by garageband but now i just need good drums to layer it with]... ......and i think we can all agree Garageband's drums are its weakest link in quality and in user-friendliness...Would there be a way to incorporate InterApp Audio into an update in the future? PLEASE RESPOND THANK YOU! P.S. although the "premium" update shifted a lot of things up rather suddenly i fell in love with the new sample import option; it was crucial honestly. Only downside i see to the upside of "having an empty drum kit layout so you dont have to open multiple drum tracks" is that it makes the process of bouncing out single drum stems for further mixing/separating drums a little more tedious...but otherwise i love this app to death. EDIT DEC. 1st 2020: I no longer have access to the Alchemy Mobile app because the developers stopped updating it. This basically ruined my life lol. Auxy’s the only thing thats made me feel like I can actually make beats off my phone again. Please dont get rid of it lol i’ll die dude

Excellent not only for beginners but experts as well!


I make my own music for my videos. This app not only helps me create professional sounding music, but they have tutorials that help you really be a pro at it. It’s my favorite music creation app.

Love Auxy but keep losing my imported sample folder

Joe Shmoe ;)

Hey guys. I love auxy. It’s my main music production app at this point. One thing though. My imported sample folder keeps disappearing and I have to relocate them. This is very frustrating cus I’m a hip hop producer and the samples usage is...heavy lol. Thank y’all for making such an amazing app.

Please look


I think it would be cool to add fx to your track (Entire blocks) like you could add an effect that would make it sound really lofi and you could automate it just something to think about for next gen.