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Auxy is real music making in a simple new format. Create melodies and drum beats by drawing notes on a grid. Explore high quality sounds and tweak effects in real-time to get the right vibe. Record your performances to capture songs.

Upload or export high quality audio files. Projects can also be exported as MIDI files and opened in apps like Logic or Ableton Live.

Behind the minimalist interface runs a powerful sound engine with effects by Sonic Charge and FXpansion. The sounds are designed by producer 7 Skies and routed through a series of high quality master effects.

Auxy supports Ableton Link, which makes it possible to play in sync with any music app that supports the standard. Connect to the same wifi and enable Link to jam with other Auxy users.

If you have an iPhone that supports 3D Touch, you can jump straight into editing by pressing loops.

We’re a small team in Stockholm, Sweden, dedicated to building the best instruments for mobile creators. Connect on social media and send your love and feedback. You can also reach us via [email protected]


Money Hungry

What used to be a free music editor dedicated to its community has devolved into a money hungry cash grab. Even the DEMO package of sounds is now pay to use. Truly disappointed. Use garage band, much more user friendly.

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I love this app but it should most definitely be released on android as well


I have high expectations of music software both in sound and usability. Auxy exceeds expectations in both fields and continues to surprise me with its amazing capabilities. Could not recommend this app enoughl!

Can you please add sound packs back?

I like this app but sad that they remove the packs you can hear before buying πŸ˜”


Very easy to use!!!!!! Having too much fun!!!

More options for the “broke people”

Dear Auxy developers, I am a young producer looking for good quality, and simple beat making apps. I’m not interested in being a producer when I’m older, I just like doing it for fun. But, in this case, I’m going to kind of take it seriously. I first stated about a year ago, and there were many sounds for me to explore. Today, for people without premium, there are only about 6 sounds (not including drums). When you limit someone’s options, they can either become more creative, or fall. I’m around the middle of that, and I think others who don’t have premium are too. Like I said at first, I just make beats for fun, so I don’t want to spend money on the app. But some people who do want to become a producer, and don’t have the finances to get premium, will fall eventually. So to get to the point, Auxy developers, please, add at least 10 or more sounds to the demo. That could be 5 drums and 5 instruments, or 7 drums and 3 instruments, it doesn’t matter. You never know, the “broke people” might start paying if they really enjoy it.

Great app ruined by subscription

When I first downloaded Auxy, I had access to a wide variety of high-quality sounds that I could use for free. I had a great time exploring the sounds and writing songs on my phone. However, before long, Auxy began releasing updates that would slowly strip away more and more of the app’s functionality. Eventually, I opened up the app to find that all of my previous projects had been locked down and rendered unusable because they contained content that had been removed from the free version. Now, Auxy contains only a few sounds which honestly don’t come close to the quality of the ones I used to be able to use. All this said, Auxy is a great app, and I would gladly purchase it for a price even as high as $20; but unfortunately the only way to really use the app now is to subscribe to a $5 / mo license, which I’m just not willing to do.

Why would they change?

They took away most of the free sounds!!!! Now you have to pay a 5 five dollar a month fee if you want more than like, 8, measly sounds. It’s stupid that they would do that as a platform. What they really should do is make more and more samples and charge like 5 bucks each for them instead of a 5 month fee.


Great for any on the go musician!


Making the original sounds free for 3 months was a start but that is using the app how it was made to be for 3 months. My point in my last review was that it’s ok to put content behind paywalls but putting content that was in the app from the start on paywall is pure greed, if your company needs more money do what everyone does, use ads to temporarily give users a soundpack or make more soundpacks to give the user more instruments to work with. I personally agree with the former. 5 demo sounds is not enough to make a full song ever and if you have the option to publish songs onto soundcloud then, let us make the songs. I hope you take this as feedback

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