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Attack of Jeff the Killer: Scary Slender Life - Horror game

It's time to go to sleep....... Are you ready for the scariest game on iTunes??
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It's JEFF THE KILLER and he's coming to get you...

Jeff has invaded a sleepy backwater town and people are disappearing........ fearing for their lives and the safety of their families, the locals are fighting back. But who will live to tell the tale?

- Awesome gameplay
- 110% SCARY
- Play with you friends with multiplayer


I Don't Like It At All
Invader Pru

Why would you put Jeff in this game? Why is he shooting lasers? Like, what's the point? It's not even scary!!!!


It's nice.... But boring. BORED


u could have made a game like slender but jeff the killer style this has barely anything to do with jeff the killer

Needs to be more Jeffy Killery

Dear Elaine Heney, Please make an update and make it more than just dodging cars and shooting lasers. Add a knife and people. Why the hell does he have lasers anyway?? Anyways, thank you

Horrible!!! :(

This game is absolutely terrible. U never can play the game because 3 different ads pop up in the beginning and if u click to exit out of one u hit the one behind it and brings u to the App Store!!!! Do Not Get!!!

A Tip
Sadistic Psycho-Beeyotch

If you want more people to download and enjoy this, I suggest you make it more murder-esque. I think Jeff should be throwing knives instead of.... Whatever those are And he should be throwing them at people and hitting them in the back, and when they fall they drop money or something. I suggest you take some adviceπŸ‘Ή

Not Jeff the killer

It doesn't have anything to do with creepy pasta only the characters and when did Jeff learn how to shoot lasers it was a waste of memory if it had a story line and had character specific weapons it would be an ok game

Kinda sad
Fan 5

Okay why does Jeff shoot lasers? Like what?! And it's kinda boring. And like people can still see Jeff. I'm kinda sad and disappointed. They could have done so much more! :(

The Boss667

What's with shooting weird yellow things at cars?You need - people (to kill) -knives (instead of yellow lasers) -and A PLOT!!!!!! But I'm really happy to have a Jeff the killer on my phone

What a waste.

Not even close to scary, don't even bother with this game. Unless you LIKE starting EVERY SINGLE ROUND with an ad popping up on the screen during gameplay... this game is not even worth the one star I've given it, I would have gone with none if I could.

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