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Attack of Jeff the Killer: Run for your Life - Free horror game

It's time to go to sleep....... Are you ready for the scariest game on iTunes??
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It's JEFF THE KILLER and he's coming to get you...

Jeff has invaded a sleepy backwater town and people are disappearing........ fearing for their lives and the safety of their families, the locals are fighting back. But who will live to tell the tale?

- Awesome gameplay
- 110% SCARY
- Play with you friends with multiplayer


Very dumb

Stupid, u basically run from cars... What the heck?

Needs more work
Nintendo Transformer

I think it would be better if you added a story and if the game didn't turn off every time you get hit by a car. And I didn't see any in inteructions on how to play the game. It should have been worked on more. It's not completly unejoyable, but it's really confusing. People would like it more if you fixed it.

Ok, needs improvement

Crashes when ever a car hits me and needs more jump scares but I love jeff the killer and creepy pasta :) I'll give you a list of what I want 1. More playable characters like eyeless jack, slender man, Jane the killer, scp 173, ETC. 2. More scares I want thrill :) I don't know why though(LOL) 3. New concept, ok don't get me wrong running at cars is not what Jeff does -_- maybe fighting other creepy pasta in first person with a knife and power ups that can be found randomly through out the game like guns and even other creepy pastas to help Jeff like the ones I mentioned in request 1 or other ones like Ben drowned or tails doll. ;) That's all I have to say for now Please read I think I'll do you good And please use my ideas I also think it will do you good;) I'm not a hater I'm just a guy who has faith that you will read this and take my ideas to make a quality game for many Thanks for your consideration :)

I love this app

This app is awesome it's totally worth it!


Why did you make two of these games??? They are just basically the same and it shouldn't be just blowing up cars. You should make it or a game so that jeff if on a killing spree or he's fighting other creepypastas or something like that. :/ And please fix how the game crashes when you die. Thanks for reading?

BY 11lps wolf name this is so BOO!! ๐Ÿ˜ก
11 lps wolf


False description, but its an ok game

I am a fan of Jeff the killer and when I saw this app I thought cool. I wanted to try the game for myself. The description was false its not scary at all. Plus I was confused about the fact "am I playing as Jeff?" Cause the description said you're running away from Jeff. He could be throwing knives but instead he shoots lasers and dodges cars. The creepy music, heavy breathing, and screams are quiet cool but they don't improve the game. I think this game is only good for killing time when you're in a waiting room, or when you're just bored.

really bad

I do love all of the creepypasta so does my BFF Alexis, but the only 2 things that I like for this game is Jeff and smile dog. needs more adjustments

White Lime

1. Jeff doesn't shoot at cars with lasers for a living he guts people for a living 2. Crashes 3. To many ads 4. No people 5. Jeff should have a knife 6. Would be better if it is in a mental hospital or something as 1st person 7. Disappointing


Best app I have!