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This app uses elements of the Periodic Table to spell out your name, or just about any other phrase you’d like.
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First select your spelling (The name "Corey" can start out with Carbon and Oxygen, or the the simpler Cobalt). Then customize it by choosing fonts, colors, background images, and shading. The Atomic Letters app will generate a PNG file suitable for everything from email signatures to t-shirt designs.

If your name is Bacon or Beer, there are already several places on the interwebs to find your name spelled out with items from the Periodic Table. This app is for the rest of us.


Golum's Precious :()

I'm obsessed with the periodic table and needed a way to express myself, then I found this app and all my problems were solved. Love it!!

Atomic Letters

This app has helped me beyond words to solve multiple can of worms type problems and prevented disastrous feed back loop situations. The best creative use of chemical acronyms to date!

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