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Astrill VPN Client is free iOS app published by Astrill Systems Corporation



Love love love the desktop version however... you guys really need to work on the IOS version. I can confidently say that I’ve never connected successfully in one go. The last proper update you guys had was 2 years ago! Please put in some effort, you’re literally driving away your own customers.

Totally useless

Karl Shanghai

Really unstable in China. Frustrating and glitchy.

Doesn’t work


I got to China yesterday and tried to use it since. (I downloaded the app before leaving from USA). I downloaded express vpn now and works. I need to get my money back...

Very unstable on iPhone X


Seriously, could you please fix this app?????

Hasn't worked in China -- on iOS -- for a long time

Their desktop/Android apps work great, but their iOS support has been pretty bad in the past, and hasn't worked for quite some time. Talking to support may get you a solution that works for a few hours, but nothing long lasting. It's an issue with most providers -- and a problem even if you roll your own -- but if you're coming here looking for something that does work on iOS, look elsewhere.

Has a serious bug

please _fix this bug!

The app on iPhone X can randomly cause certain apps unable to connect to the internet. Hope the developers can solve it.

Fastest in China

The BumBle Bee

Astrill is the fastest vpn in China, hands-down... sometimes connection on the mobile application is glitchy but tbh no other VPN (I’ve tried ExpressVPN, Betternet, etc) is as fast as Astrill, especially on the MacBook. I’ve been using Astrill for *7* (yes, 7) years now and it’s never failed me. Again, mobile app is sometimes glitchy but it’s the fastest and it works perfectly on the computer. I can’t switch to other VPN because Astrill is the best. I usually don’t leave reviews but I would like to thank everyone for developing this VPN, making life so much easier for me and my family.

Usable, but unreliable at times


I am a foreigner living in Shanghai, China, so VPN is an essential tool in my daily life. Astrill has been my VPN provider for 4 years now, and I don’t intend on moving out. However, in my 4 years, I have picked up a few issues along the way. Firstly, when browsing in apps such as Youtube, Snapchat, and iFunny, there have been numerous times when Astrill turns off on its own or encounters connection issues. This makes my browsing experience slightly annoying, having to return to the app to tap off and on again. Secondly, although I only use 4 devices (I also purchased the family add-on), Astrill will keep logging all but 1-2 devices, notifying me that I can’t have more than 2 devices connected and recommending that I buy the family add-on. Thirdly (this is more of a preference), the user interface on the iPhone and iPad is outdated and deserves an updated UI. More options for stealthvpn (or the same UI as android devices) is desired. Lastly, there is no support team to keep Astrill updated on the iPhone and iPad. The last patch was a year ago, yet there are many bugs and glitches to be fixed. That being said, Astrill has been slightly discomforting to use on handheld devices as opposed to computers. My only hope is for the team to pay more attention to handheld devices, as customers spend more time with those than on laptops and desktops.

i change a new device


I change a new ipad, but I can download it anymore. Why¿

Bad connection


disconnect frequently